Elementor #2419

Intellectual Judaism
of the Ten Commandments
for all religions

The US Constitution is rooted in Bible
  • The big government is the slave owner who treats “We the People” as spiritual and economic slaves in the chains of wealth redistribution and anti-individual-freedoms laws
  • We must dethrone the big government  
  • How to dethrone it?
  • It should be done reducing the share of the national wealth appropriated by the government through myriads of expropriation gimmicks.
  • Right now all levels and branches of USA government expropriate up to 70-80% of the national wealth 
  • It should be replaced by a government that expropriate no more than 20-30% of the national wealth
  • if we do so, most of the national wealth will be in the hands of  us the people that allow us address the misfortunate people’s needs through Charity/Mitsvah 
  • How to do it? That is up to us to decide … 

In God We Trust

Please read the Blog and kindly provide your comments and thoughts on what is better for you:
>Judeo-Christian America of individual freedoms and responsibilities where you are guided by the virtues of the Ten Commandments
>Totalitarian America of the government's freedoms to force you to obey the totalitarian-government "virtues" of wealth redistribution
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