The Satanic New World Order of Obama

“What? A new world order organized according to the satanic values of Obama? How dare you think that way! Don’t you understand that Obama is trying to bring the USA back to normalcy after the devastation that Bush caused? Obamaism. – Stop inventing new “ism”s. We cannot handle the existing ones”!

That’s the first reaction of many to this title. So let me address this.

By definition, “Satanic” means something that is the opposite of the Judeo-Christian code of morality. Even if Satan and satanic things belong to the realm of mythology, the use of this mythology is a useful analogy in any discussion of the realms where the spiritual and the material are interconnected.

Judeo-Christian spirituality is rooted in the Ten Commandments and the Torah (Old Testament) and detailed in the Talmud and New Testament. Judeo-Christian spirituality has guided the development of political, social and economic institutions throughout the history of Western Civilization. Judeo-Christian spirituality is the guiding light for most citizens of Western Civilization – Jews and Christians, religious and non-religious, atheists and agnostics, church-goers and church haters, people in power and out of power. 

True Judeo-Christian spirituality is based on the idea of the human being created as an individual in the image and likeness of God to follow his/her own interpretation of God’s (Nature’s for atheists) guidance – to perform creative work in all spheres of human life and to be personally responsible for his/her own actions.

The Satanic spirituality is based on demoting One God in the Heavens from the position of Supreme Power over humans and elevating to this position a selected human with a devilish character who plays a role of god. This human god is forcing all humans under his power to obey his commandments instead of following God’s Ten Commandments. Under satanic human-god commandments a human is deprived of his individuality, becomes a member of a collective (crowd, community, nation, etc.) and forced to follow orders from his human god. In other words, the individual is losing his freedom and is becoming a physical and spiritual slave.

The strategy for a devilish human to develop his own satanic world order is well known and consists of four major steps.

(1)  First, one has to denigrate the Judeo-Christian spirituality and its moral codification in the Ten Commandments as something too extreme and outdated and not suitable for governing a contemporary nation. To do this you have to begin with denigration of the originators of this spirituality, the Jewish people and their spiritual heart, the state of Israel.

(2)  Next, is to split the society into numerous feuding factions that would be unable or unwilling to find a compromise for peaceful coexistence. One would have to present himself as a savior to the dissatisfied who would lead them to defeat all other groups in that society.

(3)  Immediately after, one would confiscate the assets of society’s wealthy groups and redistribute this wealth among underprivileged groups – for now, these underprivileged groups would be satisfied and give their leader unconditional support.

(4)  And finally, one would have to establish a dictatorial government to preserve and reinforce one’s power as a human god over the citizens/slaves of society.  That is the end – a satanic new world order is established.

This strategy has been successfully implemented several times in recent history. Among these successful implementations are “The Satanic New World Order” under Communism and Stalin in the USSR, and “The Satanic New World Order” under Nazism and Hitler in Germany.

Now, a new satanic world order is in the making, and that is “The Satanic New World Order” called Obamaism. The vital difference between Obama’s strategy for building his New World Order and other satanic “builders” of the past is that Obama’s strategy base is not the country of his presidency but the anti-Western and anti-Israel international body called the United Nations. If we understand Obama’s New World Order we can understand what is behind the strategic decisions of Obama on Israel, on Christianity, on Islam and the Islamic world, on Russia and Europe, on Iraq and on Afghanistan, etc. This order is being created in the same four steps described above.

Denigrating the Judeo-Christian spirituality and its founders, the Jewish people

Obama has not initiated this process – it began long before Obama’s presidency. However, he skillfully accelerated this process by reinforcing (a) the image of the state of Israel as a source of all the world’s problems, and (b) the image of USA’s Christian institutions as something outdated, reactionary and an obstacle to “social fairness” to all “the underprivileged” of the World.

Splitting world-wide society into numerous feuding factions

Obama artfully created many more feuding factions than all other creators of “new world orders”: poor vs. rich, religious vs. non-religious, blacks vs. whites, females vs. males, wealth makers vs. wealth takers, developed countries vs. undeveloped ones, Western civilization vs. Islamic, etc. And to all of them Obama delivers the same message: I, Obama, am going to be your savior – I am going to defend and protect you from others but for this defense and protection you have to give up something – or else …

Redistributing wealth to the underprivileged to gain their support

Redistribution of wealth has become one of the chief components of Obama’s strategy. Increasing the share government gets of the wealth produced in the United States (Gross Domestic Product) through direct taxation and a myriad of government regulations and tariffs used as tools for wealth redistribution. The share of GDP consumed by federal, state and local governments increased from about a quarter two hundred years ago to about three quarters today. Again, this redistribution process began long before Obama but he artfully uses it for building his “world order”. Using the “redistributed”, that is confiscated money, Obama can provide all underprivileged factions of our country and many countries abroad with some “Obama money”.

Establishing a dictatorial government and moving to a new world order

So, what new world order is Obama trying to establish? There is no written description of this order. There are no oral presentations by Obama describing his dreams in precise terms. Obama is an unusually smart word ideologue. The current sad state of domestic and international affairs is not a result of his poor leadership skills. To the contrary, the sad state of affairs is what he has been deliberately trying to achieve from the very beginning. But what is it?

Here is a reconstruction of a “Satanic New World Order” Obama is building – a reconstruction which is based on his actions, not on his words.

Obama is paving a road to establish a world-wide government with the United Nations and Obama at the helm as the authoritative/dictatorial head of this government. This government will be a satanic one since it will not follow the Judeo-Christian morality of the Ten Commandments. Why not? Because this government will not serve all individuals as equal in the image and likeness of God – this government will serve all “underprivileged of the world” created artificially in the image of Marxism and Islamism. Those “underprivileged” will become a majority of the world and spiritual slaves in the Satanic New World Order.

What are the major roadblocks on the way to the new world order? It appears there are three of them: (1) the economic and military power of the USA which continues to defend the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western Civilization; (2) the Judeo-Christian tradition of Western-European countries that is resisting the Islamization of Europe; (3) friendly Islamic dictatorships in the Arab world who are trying to preserve the dominating power of the USA for the sake of their own survival.

Here is how Obama is dealing with the three major roadblocks.

(1)  For first four years of his presidency Obama has done a lot to remove the first roadblock. The withdrawal of US troops from Iraq without achieving a victory, and the preparation for a similar withdrawal from Afghanistan. He replaced many generals for whom victory was a primary goal with other generals for whom “political correctness” is a primary goal. Result? The US military is weaker – the morale of US troops is down as a result of their actions being perceived as a defeat. One more result? US enemies are stronger – they are not afraid of our military anymore.
In addition, look at the financial market using the Dow as a criterion – for the last four years it has been moving down or kept frozen. This translates to a US economy that is losing steam. Coupled with the weakening military, the USA can no longer be a guarantor of a Judeo-Christian world order. Thus this roadblock to Obama’s “Satanic New World Order” is being removed.

(2)  The economic and spiritual crisis of Western-European countries is not a result of some US policies. It is going on its own because of abandoning the Judeo-Christian principles of governing: satanic redistribution of wealth is ruining the economy, and the “human rights” faith has reduced the resistance of Europe to the flood of Islamists from Muslim countries. Result? Europe is no longer capable of defending and protecting the Judeo-Christian foundation of the world and is no longer capable of influencing world affairs. Thus, the second roadblock on the road to Obama’s “Satanic New World Order” is in the process of demolition.

(3)  In the course of the so-called Arab spring Obama has been able – by actions or inactions – to replace most Middle-East Arab dictators, who were helping the USA be a guardian of the existing order of the Judeo-Christian universe, by Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood whose chief goal is to substitute the Judeo-Christian morality of our Judeo-Christian civilization by Sharia-based morality (or immorality). Hence the third road block on the road to Obama’s New World Order is in the process of destruction.

Obama has succeeded in removing all major roadblocks on the road to his Satanic New World Order, and he succeeded with a daring neglect of an American compromise-based governing tradition with the help of an inept opposition. Now we have two avenues to the future:

One is to build together with Obama, his Satanic New World Order – from the Ten Commandments and Judeo-Christian spirituality to spiritual slavery. The other avenue is to resist and return to life along the lines of Judeo-Christian fundamentals.

Published by Vladimir Minkov

Vladimir Minkov Ph.D. is a nuclear scientist, published author and writer. He is the co-author of "Nuclear Shadow Boxing", a scientific history of the nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and USA during the cold war and is the author of many books on the Jewish identity in the Judeo-Christian civilization. Having lost much of his family in the Holocaust and finding his search for spiritual development stifled in the Soviet Union, Vladimir migrated to the United States in the late 1970s. Here in the USA Vladimir work as a scientist on various peaceful applications of nuclear energy together with American and Soviet/Russian scientist. After his retirement, he concentrated his efforts on the study of the morality of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization connecting the morality of public life with the morality of religious life with the emphasis on the USA and the State of Israel.

9 thoughts on “The Satanic New World Order of Obama

  1. Below is a BBC information on Obama’s trip to Burma. It confirms what I have discussed in this paper: the next four years of his presidency Obama is going to use for getting support of the “underprivileged” foreign countries for his New World Order to become in four years or so the authoritative leader of the world under the helm of the UN. In the meantime the decline of his own country will continue.
    US President Barack Obama in South East Asia visit
    Barack Obama wants to refocus his foreign policy on Asia
    Barack Obama has begun a tour of South East Asia, which will include a historic visit to Burma.
    Mr Obama landed in Thailand’s capital Bangkok on his first foreign trip after his re-election as president.
    On Monday he will become the first US president to visit Burma, which has been praised in the West for freeing hundreds of political prisoners and holding its first contested election.
    Mr Obama has been trying to refocus US foreign policy towards Asia.
    Analysts say the US is trying to counter the dominating influence of China in the region.
    But US officials have repeatedly insisted that they want to work with China.
    During his Thailand visit Mr Obama will meet Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and King Bhumibol, the world’s longest-serving monarch.
    In Burma, he is due to hold talks with President Thein Sein and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
    Campaigners are asking why such an important visit had to happen so soon, apparently before Mr Obama’s people had secured any concessions from the Burmese government”
    Over the past year the US and other Western nations have relaxed the slew of sanctions they had imposed on Burma, which was ruled by a brutal military regime for five decades.
    But Mr Obama’s aides told reporters aboard the president’s plane that the US still had concerns about the extent of recent reforms.
    Ethnic conflicts remain unresolved, including an increasingly bitter confrontation between Muslim Rohingyas and Buddhist Rakhine people in Rakhine state.
    And US officials said they had been seeking assurances that Burma had distanced itself from North Korea, after accusations emerged in 2010 that the two states were sharing nuclear technology.
    Some human rights groups have criticised the president for rewarding Burma, even though reforms are nowhere near complete.
    Burma has released hundreds of political prisoners but still holds about 300, according to rights groups.
    In an amnesty last week some 450 prisoners were freed, but none were on the list of political detainees.
    After visiting Burma, Mr Obama will head to Cambodia to join a meeting of the regional bloc Asean.

  2. The paper below by Tim Powers confirms what I have described in this my post: US brave generals who were guardians of the supreme US military power are being removed and replaced by “politically correct” generals who are not serving the USA – the new generals are helping Obama to create the Obama’s New World Order.

    Where Have All Of Our Generals Gone?

    It is stunning to me that over the course of the past four years, our military generals are being eliminated for one reason or another. This ongoing list includes:
    Gen. David Patraeus
    Gen. William Ward
    Gen. David Mc Kiernan
    Gen. Stanley Mc Crystal
    Gen. Carter F. Hamm
    Well, there is five right off the bat. What do these brave men all have in common? They have all served under the Obama regime and have all been either fired, forced to resign, or forced to retire for one reason or another.
    Knowing that these men all have held top positions in the military, and that they would have the means to remove an ineligible President by force if necessary, is it possible that the Obama regime wanted these potential threats out of the way in preparation for any future policy decisions that he may be planning to make?
    We already know that in his first term, Obama has circumvented Congress and the US Constitution on several occasions. Is it possible that a military coup may have been in the works? These military men must cringe every time they would have had to explain to someone’s family that their son or daughter died in service to their country while knowing full well that they had a better chance at survival if they didn’t have to abide by such strict rules of engagement placed on them by the Obama regime.
    The way I see it is that Obama is simply removing all of the clear and present dangers to his Presidency while he remains a clear and present danger to the United States of America. These are clearly times that try men’s souls. As always, my fellow Patriots, stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

  3. A crucial part of developing a “Satanic New World Order” is a government-managed educational system that teaches the kids from the kindergarten to the college to follow the government (satanic, pagan) orders and disregard the Judeo-Christian moral teachings of your parents, your church/synagogue and your traditional community. And the post below is a reminder of how all that started long ago.

    America’s Marxist Educational Model Wins Elections
    Posted on November 19, 2012 by Gary DeMar
    Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2012/11/americas-marxist-educational-model-wins-elections/#ixzz2CgVoxk96

    As far back as I can remember I’ve heard the often repeated phrase, “As the twig is bent so grows the tree.” I later learned that the phrase’s origin can be traced back to Alexander Pope in his Epistle to Cobham (1734):
    ‘Tis Education forms the vulgar mind;
    Juft as the Twig is bent, the Tree’s inclin’d.
    America’s earliest founders understood this. After first establishing houses and places of worship, they next began to attend to education. Harvard was established in 1636. The Massachusetts School Law of 1642 and the Massachusetts General School Law of 1647, better known as the Old Deluder Satan Act, were designed to insure that future generations would follow the old ways.
    The biggest mistake these well-intentioned colonists made was to put education in the hands of government officials. In time, the schools were co-opted by people who understood the political power that could be wielded if education could be financed by taxpayers and controlled by the State. Liberals are all about time and persistence. That’s why they’re winning.
    We’ve seen it happen before but under more revolutionary conditions.
    The Marxist worldview, as put forth by Vladimir Lenin, worked for the centralization and State control of education. Under Communism homes and schools were to reflect and perpetuate the agenda of the State.
    The goal was to indoctrinate the youth with an alien worldview that was counter to the past and the governing authority of parents. Marxism’s optimistic although secular eschatology allowed it to purge the old from the new, generation by generation.
    Like Hitler, Lenin saw the value in monopolizing education and bringing it under the exclusive control of the State. He believed that time was on his side. The old order would pass away along with its outdated ideas regarding religion, family, and education.
    The sooner the children could be taken from their parents and broken from their links to the past, the sooner the reprogramming could take place. In his Principles of Communism of 1847, Engels had advocated the “education of all children, as soon as they are old enough to dispense with maternal care, in national institutions and at the charge of the nation.” All facets of society must conform to the new ideology:
    “We are bringing the women into the social economy, into legislation and government. . . . We are establishing communal kitchens . . . infant asylums . . . educational institutions of all kinds. In short, we are seriously carrying out the demand of our program for the transference of the economic and educational function of the separate household to society. . . . The children are brought up under more favourable conditions than at home. .. .”
    The “separate household” was transferred “to society.” Mothers would be encouraged to enter the work force in ever greater numbers. This would allow the State an opportunity to care for the children in “educational institutions of all kinds” at an even earlier age.
    Education in America has followed this model. We’ve turned our children over to the very institution that is leading us down the path to State control and economic slavery.

  4. The article below by Daniel Greenfield confirms one more statement made in my post here “The Satanic New World Order of Obama”, and this statement is that Obama’s strategy decisions are aimed at reducing the spiritual/moral power of Israel as the God’s creator of Judeo-Christian moral principles.

    Obama’s Gaza War
    Daniel Greenfield – FrontPage Magazine, November 19th, 2012

    The rockets falling on Israel have their origin not just in their Gaza launchers, but in the election results of November. It is no coincidence that the explosions we are seeing now on the evening news began after the election. Like so many in the Middle East, Hamas leaders were holding their breath to see who they would have to deal with over the next four years.
    Once the Muslim Brotherhood on both sides of the border, in Egypt and in Gaza, knew the outcome, the trigger was pressed and the violence began.
    Meanwhile Obama, during his Thailand visit, tried to deny that the Hamas violence had anything to do with the Arab Spring, the shift that began with his infamous Cairo speech calling for democracy in Egypt, followed by the betrayal of Mubarak, which led to the Muslim Brotherhood taking control of Egypt through elections, as they had earlier taken control of Gaza through elections.
    The Arab Spring transformed Egypt from a peace partner into an enemy and transformed Hamas from the finger of a distant Iran to the arm of a nearby Islamist Egypt. The visit by Qatar’s Emir Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to Gaza signaled that Hamas now had the full support of the sugar daddy of Sunni Islamists and the architect of the Arab Spring. A few weeks later the war was on.
    Like the attacks of September 11, 2012, including the assault on the Benghazi mission, Hamas’s rocket attacks are a show of Islamist strength. But they are also a way for the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt to distract Egyptians from a collapsing economy while shaking down Obama for some more money in exchange for brokering ceasefires and reining in the “extremists.”
    The Muslim Brotherhood is playing Arafat’s old game of setting off violence and then charging money to put a stop to it. However the games are no longer limited to Gaza and the West Bank, but span the Middle East and even stretch over to Afghanistan where Obama inserted the Muslim Brotherhood into the negotiations with the Taliban.
    Even as Israel prepares for a ground assault on Hamas, Obama has been working the phones with Islamist leaders in Turkey and Egypt to convince them to help him salvage the Islamist terrorist group with a ceasefire. Hamas and its backers want a ceasefire, but they know that they can extract more concessions from Israel and America by appearing not to want one. The cost of that ceasefire, like so much of Obama’s foreign policy, will be borne by Israel and America. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will get its payoff and Hamas will get its concessions. And Israel will get more rockets and more terror.
    The rest of the article could be found at

  5. In this publication as of today I have found that Obama has been quietly building the UN as the foundation for a New World Order and a world-wide authoritarian government from the very beginning. And he has been doing that either through his ambassador to the UN or through many other “underprivileged” countries eager to see the US world power diminished. And here is this publication:

    WHAT IS AGENDA 21? …
    Those who follow Glenn Beck might be aware that Tuesday marks the release of his latest book, “Agenda 21,” the suspenseful and perhaps sobering tale of a futuristic America in which a UN-led program spawned an authoritarian state where individuals are stripped of all personal rights and freedoms.
    Oddly, Beck’s novel is not simply a work of fiction, but based on an actual program created by the United Nations by the very same name — “Agenda 21″ — which, according to the UN’s own website, is a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, governments and major groups, in every area in which human impacts on the environment.”
    In so many words, the United Nations seeks to co-opt, via individual governments, and eventually, a “one-world government,” privately held land under the auspices of ensuring its “sustainability.” Worse still, the UN’s Agenda 21 has even laid out plans for “depopulation” or rather, “population control.” If it sounds like something out of George Orwell’s 1984, that is because Agenda 21′s tenets are eerily in line with the demented alternate reality Orwell himself had imagined while scribing the pages of his famed novel.
    “Sustainable development” is the catch-phrase Beck urged his Monday evening viewers to be leery of.
    Where one can live and what land should be designated for would, under fully-realized Agenda 21 plan, be controlled by the United Nations and a future one-world government. Consider the following section from the UN website on Agenda 21′s plan for “promoting sustainable human settlement development.” Emphasis added:
    The overall human settlement objective is to improve the social, economic and environmental quality of human settlements and the living and working environments of all people, in particular the urban and rural poor. Such improvement should be based on technical cooperation activities, partnerships among the public, private and community sectors and participation in the decision-making process by community groups and special interest groups such as women, indigenous people, the elderly and the disabled.These approaches should form the core principles of national settlement strategies. In developing these strategies, countries will need to set priorities among the eight programme areas in this chapter in accordance with their national plans and objectives, taking fully into account their social and cultural capabilities. Furthermore, countries should make appropriate provision to monitor the impact of their strategies on marginalized and disenfranchised groups, with particular reference to the needs of women.
    Continue reading at http://www.theblaze.com/stories/what-is-agenda-21-after-watching-this-you-may-not-want-to-know/

  6. Your interpretation is brilliant. So many things have been purposefully taking place that the citizens of the world are weary, fear war and simply wish to live purposeful, meaningful lives whether they are religious or not. The powerful and decimating actions by Obama surely were not thought out by him. Its part of a large plan that has been in effect since 1913 or even before. Too many factions are involved in this plan and unless the entire world population is wiped out as advocated in the Georgia Guidestones, (or at least the majority of humans), I do not see that Obama and the rest of this evil group will succeed. There will be many hardships, yes, but unless Fukushima radiation simply destroys Earth, I still have enough faith in mankind that this end goal will not come about. In fact, I pray about this often. Your posts are fantastic btw. Thank you for writing.

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