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I have created and run a few discussions on Science, God and Religion in Amazon’s Forums. The main theme of the discussions was that Science may not be in harmony with Religion but it is certainly in harmony with God the Creator. It is so because Science discovers the laws of Nature created by something or somebody above us, the humans, called God while Religion was created by us, the humans, with the purpose of studying and discovering the essence of God the Creator and its spiritual and material laws. Because Religion is a human development it is subjected to well-known human sins – among them the sin of subjugating the others to the “MY” will that is to “MY” interpretation of God’s laws.

Below is the essence of these discussions in the form of questions-answers.

(1)  Are we the humans an advanced animal breed, or something completely different?


We the humans are not an advanced animal breed since we differ from the animals in the following fundamental way: animals are fighting for survival within the timeframe of their physical lives – we are looking for the reason for our existence. 

(2)  What is the reason for our existence we have discovered?


We exist not just for mere physical survival – we exist for doing creative work for the eternity (architects, engineers, scientists, artists, composers, etc.).

(3)  How have we discovered the reason for our existence and that we are not animals but something completely different?


The reason for our existence was given to us in the Torah/Bible on Mount Sinai from the Creator/God. We discovered the reason for our existence by doing spiritual and material sciences – we have been doing sciences from the times immemorial. We had started our sciences with spiritual sciences in our religious institutions – synagogues (about thirty three centuries ago), churches/monasteries (about twenties centuries ago), mosques (about twelve centuries ago) – based on theories, imagination, hypotheses without being able to support all that by material evidence, just by using out spiritual sensors (still indefinable soul and now definable brain). Much-much later, probably about five centuries ago, when we had begun creating material sensors, we had added to spiritual sciences material sciences which are able to confirm some of our spiritual theories and hypotheses by material sensors.

(4)  How do we know that Mount Sinai, God, Torah/Bible are not our human fantasies but something what is (might be) real even without any material evidence?


We the humans know we are a sort of supreme power over what are under our control (our children, our businesses, our students, our experimental facilities and animals, our real estate …). If it is so, we have to accept the possibility of us under control of a supreme power above us which is traditionally called the Creator/God. We know that our world had been created somehow at the Beginning. We may disagree on the name of the Beginning (Big Bang, Six Days of Creation, etc.) but we agree on the existence of the Beginning and we continue to search for its essence. We may disagree on the name of the Creator (God, Adonai, Nature, Cosmos, Big Bang, etc.) but we agree on its existence.

(5)  How are we defining what we are supposed to create collectively and individually?

Answer: We are defining what we are supposed to create collectively and individually by doing spiritual and material sciences: spiritual sciences are trying to define what should be created, and material sciences define the practical methods of creation.

(6)  How our religious institutions commonly called Religion and the Creator/God relate to each other?


We the humans live in two worlds – in the world of the Creator, commonly called God, and in the world of Religion. Those two worlds are different. The world of the Creator was created by the Creator itself (himself) and is governed by the Creator’s’s unwritten laws (the laws of nature), which are being discovered and studied by Science – one of the best examples of such discoveries is the Darwin’s evolution theory. The world of Religion is made by us the humans and is governed by our human religious authorities. In the world of the Creator, all people are judged by their efforts to continue the Creator’s creative work in building a better world for everybody along the lines of individual interpretation of God’s unwritten commandments. In the world of Religion, all people are judged by their obedience to prayers and rituals which are considered to be obedience to the Creator/God. The world of Religion splits people into spiritually competing, sometimes violently, groups while the world of Science and God unites people.

(7)  If Religion splits people, do we need many competing religious denominations within Judaism, Christianity and Islam?


Yes, we need them – in spite of their sometimes violent conflicts – since they are scientifically competing institutions for discovering the reason for our human existence in the constantly changing world.

(8)  May we consider the Bible as the first fundamental discovery of what to create and how to create?


Yes, since one of Bible’s traits is the first known description of how the world was created and what is the role of humans in this world.

(9)   Why the Bible is misunderstood or even rejected by many?


The Bible is rejected by those who want to have their own bibles on what to create and how to create – among them all the famous dictators of the world and even some scientists for whom the science is the established order of conducting scientific work and not a spiritual pursuit of discovery.

(10)                   Why not everybody in Religion recognizes Religion in harmony with Science?


Those in Religion who perceive Religion as a way for discovering God recognize Religion in harmony with Science; those in Religion for whom spiritual power over people’s mind is the prime goal are fearful that such harmony may complicate their fight for spiritual power over people’s mind.

(11)                    Why not everybody in Science recognizes Science in harmony with Religion?


Those in Science who perceive Science as a way for discovering the natural world and its laws created by something or somebody called the Creator/God recognize Science in harmony with Religion. In Science there are two categories of scientists rejecting “Science in harmony with God”. In one category we find scientists for whom scientific power over people’s mind is the prime goal and they are fearful that such harmony may complicate their fight for the position of a supreme scientific power. In the other category we find scientists who see in the humans only what they see in the animals – bones, flash, genes, chemical elements, etc. – they are not able to realize that the humans are a sort of animal bodies transformed to something principally different by the yet undetectable soul.

(12)                   What is the source of major disagreements between material sciences (“traditional” Science) and spiritual sciences (“traditional” Religion)?


The source of major disagreements is different definitions of science, evidence and scientific method.

Material sciences define science, evidence and scientific method in the following way:

  • The area of scientific involvement is only what we can detect by existing material sensors – in other words, the real world is the only detectable world “now”.
  • The evidence is only what can be detected by material sensors – the theories and hypotheses not supported by existing material sensors should not be taken seriously and therefore scientific sciences are just fantasies called beliefs.
  • The scientific method is only what a group of authoritative scientists tell us it is – whatever is being done by any other method should not be considered the true science.

Spiritual sciences define all that differently:

  • The area of scientific involvement is everything what may help us in discovery the reason for our existence and what we are supposed to do in this life – any theories, hypotheses and even “fantasies” should be researched until they are scientifically proven to be “fantasies”.
  • The evidence is not only what can be detected by material sensors – the evidence is as well the beliefs of the people who are discovering on their own the reason for their existence though their yet undefined souls.
  • The scientific method is not only what a group of authoritative scientists tell us it is – whatever can bring us closer to the reason for our human existence and to practical means for transforming the reason into the reality should be welcome.

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Vladimir Minkov Ph.D. is a nuclear scientist, published author and writer. He is the co-author of "Nuclear Shadow Boxing", a scientific history of the nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and USA during the cold war and is the author of many books on the Jewish identity in the Judeo-Christian civilization. Having lost much of his family in the Holocaust and finding his search for spiritual development stifled in the Soviet Union, Vladimir migrated to the United States in the late 1970s. Here in the USA Vladimir work as a scientist on various peaceful applications of nuclear energy together with American and Soviet/Russian scientist. After his retirement, he concentrated his efforts on the study of the morality of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization connecting the morality of public life with the morality of religious life with the emphasis on the USA and the State of Israel.

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