The Jewish past is being reexamined to meet the Jewish future: an Obama-Netanyahu confrontation

The Jewish past is being reexamined to meet the Jewish future: an Obama-Netanyahu confrontation

In the Jewish past, the Jews were considered by non-Jews as the subjects who should be gainfully used but kept spiritually suppressed – in the Jewish past, a Jew was successful in non-Jewish surroundings only if he followed the directives of a non-Jewish master. The legacy of the Jewish past is still alive in some Jewish left-wing-oriented circles where the obedience to a government master is supreme – not the Torah/Bible-based spiritual challenge to the government master.

In the Jewish future, the Jews will be reestablishing their spiritual role as the Chosen – in the Jewish future, the Jews will be spiritually uplifted in the non-Jewish surroundings where they will be among leaders in creating a better world for everybody, Jews and non-Jews. In the Jewish future, the Jews will be challenging a government master if it legislates contrary to the Torah/Bible guidance.

Now we are in the transition times from the Jewish past to the Jewish future and Obama-Netanyahu confrontation is a good example of this. Obama is trying to reinforce the Jewish past while Netanyahu is strengthening the Jewish future.

On Obama

Although he is not pronouncing his goal openly, it looks like Obama is trying to solidify his image in the history of someone who created an Islamic (including a nuclear Iran) world-wide counter-balance to perceived US “hegemony”. However the perceived by Obama US “hegemony” is not hegemony at all. The US as a true Judeo-Christian nation is trying to unify the world under the God’s guidance presented in the Torah/Bible. The problem is that Obama is not of Judeo-Christian mind-set and he is trying to halt the US on this track. Obama understands that the Jewish nation is a founding father of Judeo-Christian world and therefore to advance his goals he should suppress the influence of Israel representing the Jewish nation. If Obama succeeds a new real danger to the state of Israel and the entire Jewish nation would arise.

Obama is behaving as a master of the Jews as was in the Jewish past. If Netanyahu follows Obama’s directions on reshaping the Middle East, Netanyahu would be rewarded by Obama’s help in preserving Netanyahu’s power. However if Netanyahu disobeys, he will be punished by strong actions aimed at delegitimizing him.

Since Netanyahu disobeyed by resisting a nuclear Iran, he is going to be punished.

A senior Obama administration official when asked whether there was anything Benjamin Netanyahu could do to repair the “damage” (meaning disobedience) done by his comments late in his reelection campaign answered: “You can’t unring the bell.” Other officials, off the record, put it far, far more harshly – Netanyahu will be punished … And many Jews who are spiritually in the Jewish past are supporting Obama. Many of them are in the Reform movement. The Rabbinical Assembly of the Reform movement condemned Netanyahu in the following statement [with my comments]:

“Because we proudly and unreservedly continue our unflagging support for the State of Israel, its citizens and its values [we support Israel only if it obeys the Obama policies], we must condemn the Prime Minister’s statement, singling out Arab citizens for exercising their legitimate right to vote [we condemn even after learning that Netanyahu’s statement was made in response to foreign powerful forces organizing Arab citizens to vote against Netanyahu]. It is incumbent upon Jews around the world to denounce the Prime Minister’s divisive and undemocratic statement and we do so here [no condemnation of divisive and undemocratic intervention of Obama’s forces into Israel’s election].”

Those obedient Jews are from the Jewish past.

On Netanyahu

Netanyahu as leader of the state of Israel and a perceived leader of the entire Jewish nation is trying to solidify his image in the history as a person who defended not only the state of Israel and the entire Jewish nation from all enemies and adversaries but the entire Judeo-Christian civilization as well.

Netanyahu is behaving like a Jew from the Jewish future. He is not obeying to a non-Jewish master. He is not complaining about anti-Semitism – he is fighting it and defending Israel and the entire Jewish nation as the best part of the humanity. He is not merely defending Israel – he is demonstrating that Israel takes the mission of the Jews as the Chosen seriously. Indeed, now Israel is providing medical, food and technical assistance to many countries in the world that is per capita one of the greatest among other nations. Indeed, Israel is the only democratic nation in this part of the world guided by the Torah democratic principles. Israel is the only nation in this part of the world which defends Christians.

But most importantly Netanyahu is strengthening the state of Israel as the spiritual light to the world not deterred by the fact that the majority of the world, as could be seen from anti-Israel votes in the UN, is still not just anti-Semitic but anti-Judeo-Christian as well. In the state of Israel Netanyahu is protecting the Christian spiritual places and encourage Christians to come and strengthen their faith – and that is contrary to what is going on in Europe where Christianity is under assault in many places.

Netanyahu is strengthening the Jewish future in Israel where the Jews can live proudly as the Chosen in the Judeo-Christian world and be the light to the world.

Published by Vladimir Minkov

Vladimir Minkov Ph.D. is a nuclear scientist, published author and writer. He is the co-author of "Nuclear Shadow Boxing", a scientific history of the nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and USA during the cold war and is the author of many books on the Jewish identity in the Judeo-Christian civilization. Having lost much of his family in the Holocaust and finding his search for spiritual development stifled in the Soviet Union, Vladimir migrated to the United States in the late 1970s. Here in the USA Vladimir work as a scientist on various peaceful applications of nuclear energy together with American and Soviet/Russian scientist. After his retirement, he concentrated his efforts on the study of the morality of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization connecting the morality of public life with the morality of religious life with the emphasis on the USA and the State of Israel.

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