The immigration crisis was created by Europe itself – how it was done and how to get out

Yes, that is true. The current European immigration crisis was created by European “social- justice” policies, and that is not just a traditional political crisis that can be resolved by traditional political means. The very spiritual foundation of Europe, the Judeo-Christian civilization, is under threat. That is not just a conclusion of some independent observers – many in the European Union begin to understand this threat.

European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans says the refugee and migrant crisis is nothing less than a moment of truth in European history. He said the organized solidarity of the European welfare state would be completely undermined if we simply say everybody can come in. Timmermans added though that Europe cannot survive either if we take leave of our values and our legal obligations for those seeking protection from persecution and war.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says that his country does not want to take in large numbers of Muslims, in defense of Hungary’s response to the surge in refugees trying to enter the country. “I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country,” Orban told journalists outside the EU headquarters at Brussels. “We do not like the consequences,” he said, referring to the country’s 150-year history of Ottoman rule during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna says that Europe should do all it can to stop illegal migrants from entering Europe.

Many other European politicians are of the same opinion – the Muslim immigration to Europe has to be stopped if Europe wants to preserve its spiritual Judeo-Christian spiritual realm.

However, how to address the Timmermans’ concern that “Europe cannot survive either if we take leave of our values and our legal obligations for those seeking protection from persecution and war”. Timmermans and other political leaders of Europe may address it by replacing their immigration “social-justice”-guided policies by the Bible-guided policies.

The “social-justice”-guided policies are based on the two false social-justice basics:

-*-That the immigrants from non-Judeo-Christian birthplaces are capable and willing to change their spiritual beliefs and traditions to become a sort of behavioral Judeo-Christians without joining a church, and

-*-That the anti-Bible forced redistribution of wealth can support the welfare for a great number of immigrants most of whom do not have the employable skills and therefore cannot support themselves.

The reality that Europe begins to understand is completely different:

–The immigrants do not want to become the pseudo Christians. They love their Islamic culture and traditions and would do whatever is legal, and what might be done by illegal/terrorist means, to replace the Judeo-Christian civilization by their own Islamic realm. It is possible that the Islamic world is using this crisis to deliver as many Muslims to Europe as possible to accelerate the Islamization process of Europe – just try to think about why the Muslim countries do not take care of their brothers in distress in spite of Quran’s order to do this. The world is often lectured to about the urgency of respecting Arab and Islamic brotherly love, but where is the Arab action to rescue fellow Muslims and Arabs from the claws of ISIS?

–The European Union has reached the level of wealth redistribution (of course, through the forced taxation) that has slowed the wealth generation and the ability to increase the existing gigantic welfare system even more.

Thus, what to do?

As Bible advises us to do: defend the Judeo-Christian civilization by not allowing the mass Islamic immigration into Europe, and help the Islamic population under duress in the areas where Islamic culture is dominant. In the Middle East and in Africa, many scarcely populated areas could be used for relocation and then for farming and stock raising.

One more idea. Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris has offered to buy a Greek or Italian island to help house some of the refugees seeking help in Europe. “Greece or Italy sell me an island, I’ll call its independence and host the migrants and provide jobs for them building their new country,” he tweeted. “You have dozens of islands which are deserted and could accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees,” he said. He estimated the cost of land being between $10 million and $100 million.

The attractiveness of this non-European resettlement of Islamic refugees is obvious. The European Islamic resettlement is final – nobody of the resettled Muslims would go back to their birthplaces even if ISIS is defeated there. If the refuges are resettled outside Europe, where there is no permanent “social-justice” welfare system, it might be the case.

Published by Vladimir Minkov

Vladimir Minkov Ph.D. is a nuclear scientist, published author and writer. He is the co-author of "Nuclear Shadow Boxing", a scientific history of the nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and USA during the cold war and is the author of many books on the Jewish identity in the Judeo-Christian civilization. Having lost much of his family in the Holocaust and finding his search for spiritual development stifled in the Soviet Union, Vladimir migrated to the United States in the late 1970s. Here in the USA Vladimir work as a scientist on various peaceful applications of nuclear energy together with American and Soviet/Russian scientist. After his retirement, he concentrated his efforts on the study of the morality of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization connecting the morality of public life with the morality of religious life with the emphasis on the USA and the State of Israel.

7 thoughts on “The immigration crisis was created by Europe itself – how it was done and how to get out

  1. This is going to sound cold, so please hear me out. One of our false gods these days is political correctness. Allow me to tear it down. It’s a Torah commandment.

    As for the last idea, if the Muslim population were to placed in its own country, away from other people groups, they would simply annihilate each other, and nobody would be left. Ishmael was prophesied to be a wild ass of a man who, would constantly fight others who live around them. That’s right, neighbours from hell.

    Edom (re: in the spirit of; call “them” the New World Order, if it pleases), are a little more, hmmmm, shall we say, calculated than this. They would simply put everyone else together, crammed in tight for good measure, so then one can easily take out the other, and Edom gets the spoil and enslave the survivors. But of course, that would never happen… hey, wait a minute…..

  2. That is a very strange statement that Political Correctness is a Torah commandment (if I have understood you correctly). Political Correctness is the tool of human leaders who are trying to play the role of God.
    Concerning the Muslim population killing each other, probably you are right. They are trying to get to Europe to kill the people of Judeo-Christian civilization instead of killing themselves.

  3. You did misunderstand me. 😉

    You are right, political correctness is NOT a Torah commandment, but tearing down idols most certainly is. We are supposed to have no false gods before Elohim. PC has become a false god, if you will, of our times. I read a clip art recently regarding it. It read that “political correctness is actually fascism pretending to be good manners”. We both know what fascism led to…

    Since we’re in the topic of mass Muslim migration, I read an interesting article this evening, and as usual, I checked it out to see whether it were true or not (so many agendas out there). Oh, but before I forget, question for you: how many persecuted Christian populations has the world been screaming in mass hysteria for other countries to absorb? (Crickets in background). Exactly.

    Here they are:



    By the way, in case you might be wondering how Islam views the days we are living in, here it is in their own words:


    Here is another of their propaganda websites. http://www.discoveringislam.org/index.htm

    Again, their view of where they see us in time, from the above noted website: http://www.discoveringislam.org/end_of_time.htm

    Remember what I wrote earlier about Edom putting everybody in the same sardine can to duke it out for their favourable end result? That is, in fact, the truth. These guys, I believe, among a few others, are the real players: http://www.angelfire.com/mo/baha/endtimes.html Their headquarters are in Haifa, Israel. We met some of their higher ups here where we live (not in Israel, although we’ve been there). They are serious about this. I think they are in cahoots with these guys: http://www.lucistrust.org These fine folk are Luciferians. They have a location in Jerusalem, called Hechal. If you recall, in the Renewed Covenent, Rabbi Sha’ul (Paul), warned anyone willing to read and take heed that Satan goes around masquerading as an Angel of Light. In Isaiah, Elohim says Satan (Lucifer) wants to sit in Elohim’s place, in His hechal.

    Jews and Christians need each other to survive what’s coming. True bible believe Jews and Christians are their public enemy number one. True bibme believing Jews and Christians are actually the same people, we just don’t know it yet. But we’re starting to. When the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan, and we’re severely pressed against the wall, I personally believe that is when the walls that divide us will come down and we will see each other for who we are. I pray we don’t have to get that far, but, Elohim says we are a stiff-necked people. And we have this really bad history to clean up; so much distrust and mistrust on both sides…. I mean really, with a family like Jacob’s, what else would one expect to come out a dysfunctional home like that? Yikes, I’m so glad He said He would clean up this mess!

    Read Jeremiah 16. Who are the hunters? What was Esau (Edom) noted as being? Why is (presently) ISIS, Islam, so hard after Christians? Why does it seem the whole world now is against Elohim-fearing, righteous Jews and Christians? Is it because Islam wishes to purge their supposed lands of polytheists (well, ok, yes, but that’s another discussion — Christians need to ditch the whole Trinity thing, Elohim is echad, not three separate, distinct people — trust me, Elohim wants them to ditch it, too, among other belief systems that are contrary to Torah). Is it because we are getting in the way what of the so-called next step in the evolution of mankind, transhumanism (well, ok, yes, but again that’s another discussion — remember the lie Satan told Eve? We’re there again — Isaiah 46:10)?

    No, ultimately, Elohim wants His people cleaned up, He is ingathering and regathering those He scattered. Isaiah 45:20-21, Isaiah 46:11-13, Jeremiah 31, Hosea and Amos (good foundational). He is using, among other things, a several thousand year-old grudge to do it. Esau (Edom) kissed Jacob’s neck. It appeared to be a holy kiss. No, it was an “I’ll settle the score in due time” kiss. That time is now. Edom attacked the Jews first, now their coming after Judah’s other brothers. Remember the two camps that Jacob separated out? There’s no appeasing Esau (Edom) this time. We are Elohim’s people, He wants us to put away our idols, we wants us to return to Him with our whole heart (Malachai 4:4-6), and He is using His (our) enemies to get the job done, as He so often does Isaiah 45:7. Once they’ve done their job, they will ultimately be destroyed from before His (our) face Psalm 91. Elohim’s MO.

    I submit this to you, and would say don’t take my word for it, but research this out for yourself.


  4. No problem. Someone just sent me a very informative video. http://youtu.be/9rjdO4cfeEg

    The largest mosque in North America is in Dearborn, Michigan. The largest mosque in Western Canada is in our former hometown, Calgary, Alberta. It is not the same city it was when Imoved there when I was a young person years ago.

    You might want to check out Avi Lipkin. He has some interesting things to say about his experiences with Muslims in Alberta.


  5. You’re welcome. Here’s another. https://www.actforamerica.org/ I would recommend going over Brigette’s story and what her organization teaches with regard to combating the spread of Islam, at least in the US. Here is currently what is going on in Canada:




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