Why China was prepared to fight coronavirus and the USA was not

Why China was prepared to fight coronavirus and the USA was not

No, that is not because President Trump is mishandling everything in the country as the never-Trump forces from the swamp proclaim. That is because we as the nation respect all international agreements while our adversaries are using these agreements to get ahead of us in possible military confrontations.


March 12 (UPI) — Beijing on Thursday declared the coronavirus outbreak has peaked in China, as new cases in the Wuhan epicenter declined to single digits. But cases in Europe and Iran continued to climb, and Italy, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela expanded restrictions on movement.

Chinese National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng said that while COVID-19 infections remained an epidemic in the country, the peak has passed, as only eight new cases were reported Wednesday in Wuhan and a total of 15 across the country.


March 13 (News media) – The coronavirus is spreading in USA and Europe. When President Donald Trump declared a national emergency Friday in the White House Rose Garden, he said it would “unleash the full power of the federal government.”

Referring to “national emergency” as “two very big words,” he said designating the coronavirus crisis that way would allow him to quickly get $50 billion to states, territories and localities “in our shared fight against this disease.”


Thus, China is fighting coronavirus epidemic much better than we in America.


No, that is not the fault of the US President Donald Trump and his administration as the never-Trump American Bolsheviks proclaim.

That is because of the ability of any dictatorial country, and China is such, to cheat on any international obligations. One of the international agreements on arms control forbids the work on biological weapons. Following this agreement, the USA do not do any work in this area while China hiddenly does.

One of the rules in developing the biological weaponry is that the means to protect themselves from such weaponry are being developed at the same time. That is why China, where this virus was created as a biological weaponry, has all the means to fight this virus and these means are ready for use.

The lesson: we should not trust the arms control agreements signed with the dictatorial countries where it is impossible to verify the compliance.

Wuhan created the coronavirus as a biological weaponry, and created at the same time the means to fight it

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