Human rights as the tool for building a democratic totalitarianism 

Strange but true: Human rights are the tool for building a democratic totalitarianism. 

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After seeing this title, a reasonable reader would most probably ask the following questions.  

@ I thought Human rights are a part of Judeo-Christian morals and individual liberties – why not?  

@ OK, if you say they are not, what could be wrong with Human rights in themselves? 

@ And how can a human-rights-rooted democracy lead to totalitarianism?  

Let us address these questions.  

Why Human rights are not a part of Judeo-Christian morals and individual liberties?

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At the core of American Judeo-Christian morals are individual freedoms ‘in the name and likeness of God’ (or in the name of something else that may please unbelievers). 

Individual rights come with individual social responsibilities. Therefore, in a free society, and America was founded as such, everybody takes only those rights whose responsibilities he/she can handle – in family, in community, in all spheres of life – no less and no more.  

That is why in a free society the people are unequal in their rights balanced with responsibilities – some can take more, and some are able to take just a little.

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OK, let us take it as given. But what could be wrong with Human rights in themselves?

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The giver and enforcer of Human rights is the government itself, and it assigns the rights without corresponding social responsibilities – with only one political requirement to obey government orders. 

For example, human rights for one-sex family, for affirmative action and school bussing, for woke-ism education, or for public Bible education … without securing human rights of others to fight all that.   

Human rights by the government mean ruining the individual freedoms of others. 

Human rights by the government mean treating all as equal slave-subordinates.

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How can a noble democracy lead to totalitarianism?  

It is simple. Through the corrupted mass news-media which are thriving on money received from the government-supported corrupted monopolies, the government brainwashes the citizens to believe that all rights and happiness are coming from the totalitarian government, and only way to secure all that is to democratically vote for such a government.  

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Published by Vladimir Minkov

Vladimir Minkov Ph.D. is a nuclear scientist, published author and writer. He is the co-author of "Nuclear Shadow Boxing", a scientific history of the nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and USA during the cold war and is the author of many books on the Jewish identity in the Judeo-Christian civilization. Having lost much of his family in the Holocaust and finding his search for spiritual development stifled in the Soviet Union, Vladimir migrated to the United States in the late 1970s. Here in the USA Vladimir work as a scientist on various peaceful applications of nuclear energy together with American and Soviet/Russian scientist. After his retirement, he concentrated his efforts on the study of the morality of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization connecting the morality of public life with the morality of religious life with the emphasis on the USA and the State of Israel.

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