America cannot live in peace while violating the Ten Commandments

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You may find it ridiculous, but that is the truth – a nation cannot live in peace when it violates the Ten Commandments, and this post explains why it is so.  

And it is equally valid for believers and disbelievers.  

And it is equally valid for any denomination in religion and democracy.  

And that is what the US violated in her modern history to dismay of many (see for example Social Justice: When Good Becomes Evil? – Foundation for Economic Education (fee.org)) 

Why ‘living in peace is impossible while violating the Ten Commandments’ is explained not in the theological concepts (that are understood by few) but by reminding of their Torah meaning.  

You shall have no other gods before Me
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The most important gift we have gotten from God in the Torah is the human virtues – what is Good to happily live by, and what is Bad we must fight against.  

The God’s virtues guide us to live and help others to live in freedom ‘in the image and likeness of God.’ 

The true God is the protector of individual freedoms and ‘teacher’ on how to live by them, while Government-God is the protector and enforcer of own totalitarian power.  

Government-God imposes on us its own totalitarian values which are hostile to God’s virtues and concocted to make us slaves in the care of Government-God. 

A clash of two hostile virtue systems makes national life in peace impossible. 

You shall make no idols
The Idolatry of Politics: 3 Questions for Thought | Sean McDowell 

The Torah meaning of idols is worshiping something believed to be ‘holy’ in hope that it delivers what satisfy you.  

American totalitarian almighty elites created numerous idols for worshiping in support of uniformed totalitarian rules for all, such as equal representation, human rights, environmental justice, democracy, and more.  

Worshiping those idols transforms us from unique creative humans ‘in the image of God’ into spiritual and economic slaves of Government-God.  

Slaves hate their slave owners, and a hating nation cannot live in peace.  

You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain 

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When we see ‘In God We Trust’ on the residences of Government-God, no comments are needed! 

Keep the Sabbath day holy 

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The Torah meaning – one day a week we should devote to reviewing our actions to make sure we live guided by God-prescribed virtues. It may be done at home or any place of collective worship.  

Unfortunately, we are doing it less and less that makes less probable the nation living in peace.  

Honor your father and your mother
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The Torah meaning – live by the God-guided virtues which your father and mother received from their predecessors and transferred to you, and you will transfer to your children.  

Contrary to this, American Government-God takes the care of family and children upon itself. The God-guided families hate it, and the hate ruins the national peace. 

You shall not murder
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The Torah meaning – you should not kill for personal satisfaction or benefits, and such killing is the murder (might be both physical and moral).  

Our Government-God has done it in the recent past and continues doing this now domestically and in some foreign lands that significantly weakens America’s ability to preserve national peace.  

You shall not commit adultery 

The Torah meaning of this, and the consequences should be obvious.  

You shall not steal 

Government is stealing money from us - BreakBrunch

The Torah meaning of this – you should not steal by yourself and through others, you should support yourself, family, and community by own labors, and by mitzvah/charity. 

Regrettably, the steal through others is fashionable these days – this steal is called the wealth redistribution and legalized by American Government-God.  

Of course, many hate this steal and the hate harms national peace.  

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor 

You Shall Not Bear False Witness – God's Word and Way

That is what is practiced these days on a mass scale and considered to be the most useful Government-God weapon in strengthening totalitarian power.  

Of course, many suffer from this and that harms national peace. 

You shall not covet 

The Covet LifeStyle: Words to Covet

The Torah meaning of this – you should follow your own personal achievement drive and this drive is not worshiping monetary possessions.  

If you love for example painting, dancing, plumbing, or teaching, you are happy just with earnings enough to cover your interests, and you do not envy your neighbor- billionaire who owns a big estate and has a personal chauffeur. 

American Government-God violates this Commandment by propagandizing the false equality, and thus harming national peace. 


So, what to do to make Americans again living in peace with each other? 

An answer is obvious:  

To dethrone Government-God and establish a government that is guided by the True and only One God – a government that is servant to citizens.   


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