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Intellectual Judaism
of the Ten Commandments
for all religions

The US Constitution is rooted in Bible
  • The big government is the slave owner who treats “We the People” as spiritual and economic slaves in the chains of wealth redistribution and anti-individual-freedoms laws
  • We must dethrone the big government  
  • How to dethrone it?
  • It should be done reducing the share of the national wealth appropriated by the government through myriads of expropriation gimmicks.
  • Right now all levels and branches of USA government expropriate up to 70-80% of the national wealth 
  • It should be replaced by a government that expropriate no more than 20-30% of the national wealth
  • if we do so, most of the national wealth will be in the hands of  us the people that allow us address the misfortunate people’s needs through Charity/Mitsvah 
  • How to do it? That is up to us to decide … 
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We must win in the civil war – there is no more space for retreating 

January 6′ public trial show in US Congress that resembling the infamous Soviet public trial shows of the 1930s is an unmistakable sign of nowadays

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Soul-destroying virus was created for America – more dangerous than Chinese-created Covid  

<<<Soul-destroying virus was created for America – more dangerous than Chinese-created Covid>>>   A non-biological Soul-destroying virus and a biological Chinese-created Covid work the same

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In God We Trust

Please read the Blog and kindly provide your comments and thoughts on what is better for you:
>Judeo-Christian America of individual freedoms and responsibilities where you are guided by the virtues of the Ten Commandments
>Totalitarian America of the government's freedoms to force you to obey the totalitarian-government "virtues" of wealth redistribution

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