Jews and Christians in America were happy at the very beginning – why they are unhappy now

Jews and Christians in America were happy at the very beginning – why they are unhappy now 

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Jews and Christians in America were happy at the beginning because they found in America the freedom – freedom from totalitarian rulers. They had the freedom of living that was guided by their Judeo-Christian virtues without government interference into the running of their families, businesses, children education, housing, communities, religious organizations, … even local mafias, etc.  

Of course, moral wrongs, and economic crimes and murders were committed, and the unfortunates who could not make their living on their own existed, but all that was handled locally – and differently in diverse communities – through community/family deliberations, priests’ influence, local policing, charity/mitsvah.  

Of course, power/economic inequality existed but the citizens understood that the freedoms (In the Name and Image of God) mean to do individually what you want to do and live with what you earn.  

And there was no government-god to blame – if something went wrong, we were figuring out what to do. 

We were happy and the totalitarians among us used this feeling of happiness to replace our God by themselves and spiritually and economically enslave us.  

Why has it happened? It happened because the totalitarians convinced us that they were asking for more power only to make us even happier. They convinced us that we will be happier when we delegate to them taking care of our individual God-guided moral duties described in the Ten Commandments.  

However, the totalitarians among us deceived us – they used the governing power delegated to them for personal enrichment and for our spiritual and economic enslavement.  

First, they corrupted our God-guided (Judeo-Christian) democracy by replacing the citizens’ votes by the monies’ votes. Then they the ‘corrupted democracy’ to strengthen and solidify the totalitarian government. This is convincingly analyzed in a TED presentation at 

 Our democracy no longer represents the people. Here’s how we fix it | Larry Lessig | TEDxMidAtlantic – YouTube 

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Finally, we have realized the mortal dangers for our SOULS of the totalitarian government and begun to fight back. However, we allowed our government to become so powerful that fighting back may require extraordinary measures.  

I believe we must begin with electing to the Presidency and Congress only people who understand the dangers of our current totalitarian government and have ideas how to return to a Judeo-Christian government that is guided by the Ten Commandment – not promising everybody the new goodies by wealth redistribution.   

Rabbis and Priests, our intellectual leaders, could you suggest something else?  

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From the Jewish Jornal: 


According to the new “Freedom in the World Report” from the NGO Freedom House, democracy is on the decline in countries around the world. 

Progress Has Reversed 

Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic: 

If the 20th century was the story of a slow, uneven struggle, ending with the victory of liberal democracy over other ideologies—communism, fascism, virulent nationalism—the 21st century is, so far, a story of the reverse. 

Leadership Is Needed 

Douglas E. Schoen, The Hill: 

[America has a] pivotal opportunity to lead the fight against authoritarianism globally… Unless the U.S. stands for democratic values and seeks to empower people to achieve democratic results, we weaken ourselves fundamentally. 

America Is Not Exempt  

Yaffa Fredrick, CNN: 

The organization labeled 2020 “the 15th consecutive year of decline in global freedom” and determined that less than 20% of the world’s population now lives in truly free countries. Among the countries where democracy is under assault is the world’s longest lived modern democratic government: the United States. 


Climate-change scare is a meta-weaponry of Global Totalitarianism led by USA 

Climate-change scare is a meta-weaponry of Global Totalitarianism led by USA.

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From the news-media: ‘G20 ends as world leaders recognize importance of action against the climate crisis but fail to give concrete goals on how to combat it.’ Indeed, it fail because these goals are the fake goals. It is impossible to change the Nature’s Laws created from ‘the Above’ – not by us the humans. But G20 achieves its hidden goal to strengthen the global totalitarianism. 

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The climate had been changing from the very beginning – from the times of ‘World Creation.’ It is changing because our world had been created as constantly changing along the lines of Nature’s Laws.  

We the humans understood from the very beginning, especially in the times of Judeo-Christian civilization, that we cannot change the Nature’s laws that were created from ‘The Above.’  

We the humans have never tried to change the Nature’s Laws – we have been trying to accommodate to the changes through the science, technology, and economy.  

We created technologies to live with and minimize damages from volcanos, earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, fires, droughts, and so on, but we never tried to change the Nature’s Laws to eliminate all that. 

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However, among us there are the totalitarians who believe they are ‘the Above’ and therefore can rule everything including the Nature.  

Those who know the history know the famous slogan of the utmost totalitarian Stalin: We cannot wait from the Nature to provide us with what we want – we must change the Nature. And the Bolsheviks tried to change the nature … with disastrous results for the ordinary people.  

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And now our totalitarian government-God is leading the world in the efforts to stop the Climate change governed by the Nature’s Laws.  

We should not do it!  

We should do what we the humans have been doing for a long time – predict through the science climate changes, invent competitive technologies in the private sector, and create the marketplace for tailoring and selling the individualized technologies (coolers, heaters, architectures, desalinization, irrigation, clothing, farming, etc.) for completely different geographies, peoples, and traditions. 

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Examples of how to do it could be found at the following link:  

Can Israel tech save the planet? These three companies are trying – The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com) 

The question many people are asking why the totalitarian government is winning, and we the people are losing. And the answer could be found in this Blog – we naively believed in the Judeo-Christian morality of our government while it was replacing the Judeo-Christian governing morality by the totalitarian morality under the deceiving slogans of democracy, climate change, globalization, equality, anti-covid, anti-racism, anti-poverty, human rights, etc.  

Intellectual Judaism – it is about Judeo-Christian morality of the Nation! – How to connect the Jewishness to Judeo-Christian life of the Nation! (intellectual0judaism0really.com)

In the image of God


Do we have our own Zemmour-like man to save our America? 

Do we have our own Zemmour-like man to save our America? 

Do we have such man (or woman) in the USA with the true Judeo-Christian morality (belonging or not belonging to the organized religion of Judaism of Christianity) to save our Judeo-Christian America? Do we have enough citizens of the true Judeo-Christian morality (not just church/synagogue members) to support this man (or woman)?  

I have been exploring this survival issue in this Blog, but I have not found yet a definite answer.   

France: Can this Journalist Become President and Save France? by Guy Millière 

French essayist, political journalist Eric Zemmour talks to journalists after attending the panel discussion Publicity and the family during the fourth demographic summit in a cultural centre in Budapest on September 24, 2021. – The meeting is a platform for decision-makers, political players, religious and civic leaders, economic and media actors, as well as representatives of the academic world to think together, discuss the challenges ahead of us and draw up proposals for common solutions. (Photo by Attila KISBENEDEK / AFP) (Photo by ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images) 
  • Zemmour… tells the leaders of The Republicans that his proposals are exactly those included in their party’s program from 1990… close the borders, suspend immigration, provide social benefits only for the French, and fight the increasing Islamization of the country. He tells Macron that “opening up to diversity” leads to the dissolution of France. Zemmour notes that he does not want to shrink the country but save it from destruction and will not refuse to see what Islam is and what it can do. He frequently quotes the Algerian author Boualem Sansal, that Islamic neighborhoods in France are “budding Islamic republics”. He tells those who say he is a far-right Jew that he is just a conservative attached to the French republic and to all the values that made France great. He states that he is a French Jew, proud of his name, and that those who murdered Jews in France in recent years were not Jews. He rejects the charge of being an apologist for the anti-Semitic Vichy regime by pointing out that what he says about French Jews during WWII was laid out in a book, Vichy and The Holocaust: An Inquiry on a French Paradox, by Rabbi, Alain Michel, who works for the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel. Zemmour stresses that he does not defend the Vichy regime at all, does not say that the Vichy regime “protected” French Jews, but only cites historical facts — and asks those who criticize him on this point if they think Rabbi Alain Michel is an anti-Semite. 
  • When asked about the Jews murdered by an Islamic terrorist at a Jewish school in Toulouse, Zemmour says that he does not blame their families for having them buried in Israel, that he does not think their families behaved like “foreigners.” He simply notes a fact: that they think that above all they are Jews, which is the right of every Jew. He says that the concept of a “great replacement” of Western Christendom by Islam is not a conspiracy theory but a reality: that demographic data show that in many places throughout history, there is documentation of people who have replaced other people after they have imported a civilization that does not have the same values as theirs. He adds that this is not an idea shared only by white nationalists, but by all those who read history and live in areas that are changing rapidly. 
  • France is in an extremely serious situation today. There are more than 700 “no-go zones” (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) ruled by ethnic gangs and radical imams. The police can only intervene in these zones through commando operations. A new kind of disturbance, defined by sociologists as “gratuitous violence” — violence practiced for the pleasure of injuring and killing — has been spreading. Hundreds of assaults take place every day; police reports show that the majority of them are committed by “suburban youths”…. 
  • A recent survey showed that 14% of young people in France aged 18-30 approved of the motives of the motives of [schoolteacher Samuel] Paty’s murderer. A poll conducted in November 2020 showed that 57% of Muslims in France aged 18-25 consider Sharia law to be superior to the laws of the republic…. Entire French towns are now predominantly Muslim: Roubaix, Trappes, Sevran, Aubervilliers…. Each year, 400,000 immigrants legally arrive in France, mostly from the Muslim world. In addition, each year, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, also mostly from the Muslim world, are added to that number…. the newcomers are young, and their birthrate is far higher than that of non-Muslims. A population change is taking place…. If the change continues at the present rate, France could be a predominantly Muslim country around 2050. 
  • Zemmour is also the only presidential candidate who has dared to say that the Palestinian people were invented — a statement long ago affirmed by former Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat — and that Israel is a nation state that, like all states, has the right to defend itself and fight for its survival. 
  • When Zemmour’s supporters are questioned at a public meeting, they unanimously say that he is the only one telling the truth: that a “great replacement” is clearly taking place and could cause France as they know it — proud of its secularism, Judeo-Christian values and individual liberty — to “die”. 

September 16. Éric Zemmour’s new book, France Has Not Yet Said Her Last Word, immediately book becomes a bestseller. Two of his previous books, The French Suicide and A Five-Year Term for Nothing: Chronicles of the War of Civilizations, sold more than 500,000 copies, a high number for non-fiction in France. He is an exception. All authors who write of immigration and Islam without political correctness have been ostracized by the media for years. Not Zemmour. Each time he was fired by radio and television stations, another one hired him. As the last politically incorrect talk show host, his audience consists of people weary of political correctness. He has been dragged into court countless times and ordered to pay high fines, presumably to force him to be quiet. He has paid the fines but would not be quiet. 


The Christian Temple where the Jewish roots of Christianity have restored

The Christian Temple where the Jewish roots of Christianity have restored  

See the source image

See the source imageI visited and studied this place Israel’s Galilee a few years ago. I encourage everybody, first the Jews and Christians who believe in incompatibility of the two faiths, visit this place to assure themselves that the fundamental God’s Judeo-Christian morality is the important uniting virtue of the Jews and Christians, and is the foundation for the Western World to exist and prosper.  

Mission (domusgalilaeae.org) 

 The center “Domus Galilaeae” is a place where Christians can have a direct contact with the living tradition of Israel, following the footsteps of St. Justin, Origen, and St. Jerome as well as many other Fathers of Church who returned to their Hebrew roots to understand the meaning of prayer, of feasts, and Hebrew liturgies, which were the daily food of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The presence in Israel of many of the best scriptures scholars and prestigious biblical schools, allows “Domus Galilaeae” to be the ideal place to promote a recovery of scriptural studies as the witness of the living presence of God. 

This is a channel of communication, which helps Christians to deepen the roots of their faith; a place to build peace and to see God, as Patriarch Sabah said at the end of his homily as he laid the first stone: 

«“…Blessed are the pure of heart because they shall see God. To see God! Then we will see the truth of his creatures and we will see the peace of God which only in itself can be the peace of all men…Brothers and sisters, let us pray that this new house may truly be a place of encounter, where all doubts will be overcome and where the pilgrim is helped to see God and to enjoy His peace. This we wish to all those who will come to know Jesus and to make him known. »
The meaning for “Domus Galilaeae” has been underlined several times by Kiko and Carmen. To read the Gospel in the light of tradition and of the Hebrew Liturgies- Carmen Hernandez said – helps to understand «the mystery of this people, who do not demonstrate the existence of God, but as living witnesses, proclaim his presence throughout all of history. » Immersing oneself in prayer and study in this atmosphere will be a real source of personal and theological renewal for many future presbyters and for all those who will come. 

John Paul II, very familiar with the Hebrew world, on many occasions has reiterated the need to return to our Hebrew roots in order to understand and live Christianity. Giving an impulse as well to the new evangelization, especially in his recent apostolic exhortation «Dies Domini. » 

WOKE ruined Russia in the past, and now it is doing it in America

WOKE ruined Russia in the past, and now it is doing it in America

The Marxist 1917 Revolution in Russia was a result of a WOKE-type uprising that transformed Russia into the Totalitarian Soviet Union which was murdering the traditional Russian virtues. The death of traditional Russian virtues led to the death of the country itself. On the ruins of the murderous Soviet Union, a new Russia was born that remembers the dangers of the WOKE-type movements. Now the new Russia is preventing any WOKE-type movements from emerging there.  

That is why the Russian majority cannot understand why we in America do not see the dangers of this movement the only goal of which is to ruin the founding virtues of the nation and replace them by the totalitarian virtues that transforms the nation to a GULAG state.   

From the news-media:    


Millions of Americans are troubled tremendously by the wave of wokeness washing across the United States. This radical movement is trying to cancel every idea or thing it disagrees with. The woke culture is trying to cancel America as a democracy. 

The evidence is so clear, even a socialist dictator strongly criticizes the ideology. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the far-left progressive woke culture is killing the Western world. 

Putin equates this wave of political wokeness to be a mirror reflection of what transpired over a century ago during the Russian Revolution. The Russian President spoke at the 18th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi. 

|His translated speech was uploaded to Russia’s governmental website. He pointed out two critical parts of the woke culture that troubled him. Putin believes there is an imbalanced action toward minorities that works to block out sections of true history. 

He also denounced the push to erase traditional values by changing family names. Putin believes that the Western world can do whatever they want, but his Russia will not subscribe to these radical ideologies. 

Making direct comparisons to the 1917 Russian Revolution, Putin said, “Incidentally, the Bolsheviks were absolutely intolerant of other opinions, different from their own”. This reflects the intolerance of the woke culture towards anyone who voices a different viewpoint. 

Putin went on to strongly criticize the level of censorship exercised by wokeness. He feels it’s a travesty that such literary geniuses as Shakespeare are no longer taught in schools because supposedly they “did not understand the importance of gender or race”. 

Putin pointed out how radical leftists in Hollywood have become more rigid than the Department of Propaganda in his own former Soviet Union. He cautioned that wokeness wants to cancel the concept of men and women, something that will shred society. 

By erasing the family model, Putin feels parents will be pushed aside, “and make the child take these decisions that can destroy their lives”. Wokeness talks as if they are trying to improve America. In the words of a man who has direct experience with a revolutionary cancel culture, wokeness will not improve the United States, it will destroy it. 


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