We must win in the civil war – there is no more space for retreating 

We must win in the civil war – there is no more space for retreating   

This is the civil war between us the ‘white supremacists’ and them the ‘color supremacists.’  

Donald Trump and Barack Obama as probable leaders of the rival camps

President Biden calls us ‘white supremacists’ and declares we are a ‘poison’ in America.  

As a teleprompt leader of ‘color supremacists,’ Joe Biden is right – we are a ‘poison’ for them.  

In the political jargon, the descriptors ‘white’ and ‘color’ have nothing to do with the human skin’s shades – they relate to their moral virtues which both sides of the civil war believe must be the nation’s moral foundation.  

We the ‘white supremacists’ are defending America’s traditional national morality rooted in the Bible-guided Ten Commandments.

We believe we are free and not oppressed by the others – we are building our individual lives guided by Bible and our understanding of the essence of God.  

Our morality does not let us force the others to live by our morality (of abortion, gender, taxation, education, equality, family, business, helping the disadvantaged, Bible and God, etc.) … assuming the others are not doing this to us.  

This is the morality of individual freedoms for everybody – the morality of America’s Founding Fathers.


This morality brings a democratically elected limited government with the prime duty of protecting the citizens’ Bible-guided individual freedoms. Such a government does not legislate citizens’ morality.  

The modern ‘white supremacists’ include Blacks and Whites, Europeans and Asians, Laborers and Businessmen, Men and Women, Religious and Atheists, Christians and Jews … everybody who follow the morality of America’s Founding Fathers. 

The modern ‘white supremacists’ believe in in the superiority of their virtues for themselves with a clear understanding that the others may believe in the superiority of their virtues.  

The ‘color supremacists’ have the same variety of citizens that we the ‘white supremacists’ have but their moral virtues are opposite to ours and cannot peacefully coexist with ours.


They believe they are oppressed by the ‘white supremacists,’ and they want the almighty totalitarian government to get rid of the ‘white supremacists’ by transferring their wealth, social stature, and political power to the ‘color supremacists,’ and forcing us to live by the ‘color supremacists’ morality.  

Although the ‘white supremacists’ are the nation’s majority, the ‘color minority’ murdering our electing power by instilling the fear for voting the ‘white supremacists’ way.  

They do it by harassing us in streets, courts, and news media.  

We must end the harassment, and the leaders of the Founding Fathers’ stature should guide us.    

That is how we would demonstrate our electing majority and win in the civil war.   


Soul-destroying virus was created for America – more dangerous than Chinese-created Covid  

<<<Soul-destroying virus was created for America – more dangerous than Chinese-created Covid>>>  

A non-biological Soul-destroying virus and a biological Chinese-created Covid work the same way. They paralyze the inborn human spiritual virtues and enhance the inborn survival instincts.  

The inborn human spiritual virtues guide a human individual to be, as the Bible expresses it, in the (undefined yet) image and likeness of God – that is to be a unique individual with the morality of the Ten Commandments.  

The inborn human survival instincts guide a human individual to stop being a unique individual and become subservient to somebody who projects itself as the survival guarantor.   

A non-biological Soul-destroying virus, as any non-biological virus that corrupts the system or destroying data, corrupts or destroys the foundation of American nation’s Soul. And that is precisely what the domestic and foreign anti-American rivals are in desperate need to remake the America’s Soul into something in the souls’ image of our rivals.  

Many revolutionary groups of Marxist and Racial orientations worked to create an American Souls-destroying virus, and finally they have succeeded. It looks like those who succeeded are allied with the troops of Obama-Putin new world order.    

The American nation’s Soul is rooted in the American history, and therefore the Virus has corrupted the history  

The historic monuments of our nation’s Soul are destroyed or removed!



Historically correct but politically damaging books are removed from libraries!








True history education is replaced by false history in support of politics!







The Virus is destroying the free speech that reminds everybody about the true history!
















The American nation’s Soul is strengthened by Religion, and therefore the Virus has created the disdain for Religion  

The US Constitution separates the powers of Church and State – it does not separate the Bible morality from the government morality!
The Virus is helping the State to overpower the Church!








The Virus intensifies the antisemitism to degrade the Judaism because the Torah is the foundation of our nation’s Judeo-Christian morality!








The American nation’s Soul is supported by the identical individual Souls of Americans, and therefore the Virus has built up the feeling of dissimilarity and animosity of the American individual Souls


The Virus disunites the individual Souls that leads to Disunited communities and States!
The Virus is ruining the America’s Soul by replacing the Bible-guided morality of the Ten Commandments by the newly invented dogmas of racism, economic equality, climate protection, gender diversity …!









That is up to us the American people to fight for defending our nation’s Soul – the government and CDC would not help us!!!

Ukraine was a sacrificial lamb in the Putin-Obama world order

It looks like it mignt be true indeed – Ukraine was a sacrificial lamb in the Putin-Obama world order  

These are the thoughts based on the publications of probably best experts on the topic such as Andrey Illarionov, Garry Tabach, Mark Solonin.  

With the Obama Presidency, in 2008 a new world order began shaping up.  

In the new world order, the Obama’s America would be the leader of mostly non-white, predominantly Islamic nations who have the national mindset close to that of Obama himself. 

Under this world order, the Putin’s Russia would be the ruler of the mostly Orthodox Christianity nations whom the Russian empire and the Soviet Union ruled in the historic past.


The first steps in creating the new world order immediately followed.   

Putin helped Obama in removing many international barriers in developing the “Islamic nuclear bomb” in Iran and establishing anti-Israel Iranian stronghold in Siria.

At the same time, Obama helped Putin in the “reunification of Russian lands” – many of them in Ukraine (Crimea and Donbass). In the Putin’s strategy, the rest of Ukraine, then Moldova, Litva, Latvia, Estonia and Poland are to follow. 

The Intelligence Services of both countries provided the world politicians and news media with the information manufactured to justify all that. 

At the end of the Obama presidency in 2016, Hilary Clinton was selected to replace Obama and continue strengthening the Obam-Putin world order as she did as the Obama’s Secretary of State. 

However, unexpectedly for the Obama’s camp, not Hilary Clinton but Donald Trump was elected as the US President. 

When Donald Trump replaced Barak Obama in 2017, the “reunification of Russian lands” in accordance with the Putin-Obama world order stopped. It stopped because Putin clearly understood that Trump is not supporting the Putin-Obama world order, and the “reunification of Russian lands” will be militarily prevented.  

The Obama-Putin-staffed Intelligence Services of both countries began conducting sophisticated hidden operations to undermine President Trump and overthought him (paralyzing impeachment procedures, numerous investigations of “his crimes,” fabricated foreign interference, election manipulations, …), and they succeeded!  

Steele’s dossier claimed that Donald Trump had enjoyed a night of peeing prostitutes at Moscow’s Ritz Carlton — and Putin had a video of the episode. None of it was verified.

When the Biden-incarnated Obama replaced Trump, the “reunification of Russian lands” began immediately along the lines of the Putin-Obama world order. 

Putin moved ahead with “reunification of Ukraine” that should be completed in just a few days. To make it easier for Putin, the Biden-incarnated Obama did not provide the weaponry that was requested by President Zelensky for defending Ukraine, and even provided Zelensky with an American Presidential aircraft to behead the Ukrainian resistance’s leadership.  

However, something unexpected happened, and that was the will of the Ukrainian people and their leadership to resist the Russian aggression and to continue living under their own historic traditions of individual freedoms that are principally different from the Russian totalitarian traditions. 


The Ukrainians have defeated the few-days Russian military strategy of “reunification of Ukraine” and are now fighting successfully against Russian military. They crushed the new Putin-Obama world order.  

The European countries recognized first the Russian defeat and its threat to the entire Europe and have begun providing Ukraine with the requested weapons.  

America was forced to follow Europe.  

The Putin-Obama world order is dead for now, and their forces are in disarray.       

There is only one workable world order, and this order is the Bible-guided order of the Ten Commandments! 


Next elections should be about the beginning of the end of the almighty government! 

The might of the almighty government is secured by the money it confiscates (it is called taxation) from us the people. Therefore, to constrain its almightiness the money confiscation must be curtailed.  

Our government shall return to the people the money it takes from us for legislating the morality – what is “morally better” must be decided not by the government but by the individuals, communities, and spiritual leaders who adjust the life to new challenges.    

Our government should not be allowed to collect and spend money for legislating the hate – such legislative actions increase the level of hate.  

Our government should not be allowed to collect and spend money for legislating the racial coexistence – such legislative actions worsen the racial coexistence.  

Our government should not be allowed to collect and spend money for legislating the education – the parents decide how to educate their kids.  

Our government should not be allowed to collect and spend money for legislating who is poor and must be helped, and who is rich and must be taxed – the rich’s charities help the poor to get a better education and skills to live better.  

Our government should not be allowed to collect and spend money for legislating the gender and family issues – the morality of transgender, same-sex family, gender sports, abortions, parent-child relationships and other family-related issues shall be decided by the family itself without government intervention.   

Our government should not be allowed to collect and spend money for legislating the standards for everything – the standards should be made by the free-market forces and adjusted locally.  

Our government should not be allowed to collect and spend money for playing the God – the climate is changing along the lines of the God’s laws of Nature.  

Do you support in the elections the individuals who promise and able to do all that? 

Why we are fighting against our almighty government 

<<<Why we are fighting against our almighty government>>>

We are fighting to get back the guardianship of national virtues 

A nation is a community of the people agreed to live under the same national virtues that tell us what GOOD is and should be supported, and what BAD is and should be prevented.
The virtues of this nation that were established at its creation are the Bible-guided virtues of the Ten Commandments. These virtues lead to a small, limited government with the chief goal of defending individual freedoms from all enemies foreign and domestic.

We have always understood that a big, unlimited, God-like government is a virtues-wise BAD one but trusted our government will keep itself from growing big and almighty.
However, it has not happened – our government has become an almighty, big and suppressing our virtues and our individual freedoms.
Our almighty government has imposed on us many newly invented, and very often insulting, social/political virtues such as of globalization, of climate-change care, of racial justice, of social justice, of economic equality, of gender equality, of human rights, of health rights, of wokeness, of CRT, etc.

We are fighting to get back our virtues of the Bible-guided Ten Commandments – the virtues that help us find the best possible solutions to the social/political challenges mentioned above. We are fighting to get back our freedoms to rightly deal individually with all that.

We are fighting to get back the guardianship of family virtues
The family virtues of the Bible-guided Ten Commandments instructed us how to educate the children at home or in public school, how to take care of our health, whom to hate or love, how to judge sexual relationships, who should be helped and who should be not, how to defend our unique neighborhoods from “undesirables” of all kinds, etc.

We have not asked our government to regulate the family virtues, but they did!
And now we are fighting to get back the guardianship of our family values.

We are fighting to get back the guardianship of democracy virtues
The core meaning of democracy is the citizens elect the government that follows the rules established by the citizens themselves. When the citizens decide the government violates the rules, this government is deposed, and a new government is elected.
Among those rules are such as who has the right to vote and who has not, who has the right to be elected and who has not, for how long an elected official might be in the government, what they may and may not legislate, and most importantly – how to guaranty the true fact-based information about the governing results not distorted by the money-bought false information.

However, the almighty government has changed all that by myriads judicial and autocratic tricks – now the almighty government itself legislate all that to expand its power and wealth.
That is why we are fighting to get back the guardianship of democracy virtues.

We are fighting to get back the guardianship of wealth virtues  
The national wealth belongs to the citizens who created this wealth. The national wealth does not belong to the government.

The citizens distribute their own wealth to fulfil their own dreams and inspirations in advancing the family, community and the entire nation in the private markets (food, housing, infrastructure, arts, entertainment, education, helping the poor, charity, etc.) – along the lines of the national virtues of the Bible-guided Ten Commandments.
A part of the wealth the citizens allow the government to use for work on the assigned tasks – not to expand the tasks at the government will.

However, the almighty government violated all that, and nowadays the government expropriates almost a half of the wealth created by the citizens.
United States Government Spending To GDP – 2021 Data – 2022 Forecast (tradingeconomics.com)

Here are the fakes the almighty government is using to justify its totalitarian taxation policies.

The government says that it is taxing mostly the rich. However, taxing the rich is taxing the poor. The rich are investing their money in making everything that the poor are consuming. Investment works only if a defined profit is provided. That is why the higher taxation of the rich leads to higher prices of everything that the poor are buying that makes the poor poorer.

The government says that its services are more effective money-wise as compared to the services of the private sector. But that is not true because the government’s bureaucracy and regulations consume much more of the taxes than the bureaucracy and regulations consume in the private sector. While the private sector is controlled by the free-market competition, the government has no real controls.
That is why we are fighting to get back the guardianship of wealth virtues.

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