1917 Russia and 2023 America: dangerous similarity 

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In both 1917 Russia and the present-day America of 2023, one can discern what might be considered dangerous similarities in the way societies are being reshaped. One perspective can be framed as following a divine blueprint for humanity, drawing from religious texts like the Torah/Bible, while the other perspective aligns with a Marxist socialist ideology as outlined in the Communist Manifesto and other socialist proclamations. 

God’s Blueprint for Humanity:  

According to this perspective, humanity is believed to possess free will, allowing for gradual, generational learning to attain individual and collective perfection, aspiring to become more akin to the divine. This ongoing journey of virtue-guided learning and creation has been documented through history, from the ancient stone age to the modern AI era. Rabbi Manis Friedman suggests that this process embodies the essence of the notion that the “Messiah is coming” – is coming from the very beginning.

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A Marxist Socialist Blueprint:  

This perspective, inspired by Marxist and socialist ideologies, emphasizes the division between the wealthy elite and the working class. It posits that the wealthy amass their riches by exploiting the labor of the working class, and therefore, the working class (proletariat) should rise against the wealthy and reclaim what they consider to be rightfully theirs. 

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1917 Russia and 2023 America: dangerous similarity 

Drawing parallels between historical events and contemporary situations, the people with a deep knowledge of history argue that a Marxist blueprint has manifested in 1917 Russia and 2023 America in similar ways, as could be seen below.  

In 1917 Russia, Russian Bolsheviks achieved a Marxist transformation by the following actions: 
  • Bolsheviks divided the nation through indoctrination of industrial workers and peasants, fostering the belief that their lives could significantly improve by appropriating the wealth and power of the wealthy. 
  • Bolsheviks “woke-ized’ the military by imbuing soldiers with the idea that their allegiance was used to defend their oppressors and not the nation, and therefore the soldiers should disobey the commanders. 
  •  Bolsheviks politicized the Judicial system, with judges being compelled to dispense justice aligned with Marxist doctrine, and by this doctrine all opponents were murdered or jailed (Trotsky and his supporters called Trotskyites).  
  • Bolsheviks eliminated the opposition by establishing a one-party ruling system (VKPB). 
  • Bolsheviks incentivized the slave-mentality majority with promises of free benefits (free housing, subsidized food, free health care, public transportation …). 
  • Bolsheviks manipulated the media with Marxist newspapers gaining decisive prominence (Pravda, Izvestiya …). 
In 2023 America, a Marxist transformation is performed by American totalitarians by the following actions: 
  • Society was divided through indoctrination (“wokeness”) of diverse American population (diverse by religion, by origin, by gender, by race, by skin color, by profession, etc.) that various diverse groups are unequal because of historic discrimination by the other groups, fostering the belief that their lives could significantly improve by appropriating the wealth and stature of the others.  
  • The concept of “wokeness” is being employed to reevaluate the very essence of military allegiance, implying that they might inadvertently defend certain ideologies, White Supremacy for example, over the nation (it is mandatory now for US military to study “historic sins of this nation”). 
  • The justice system is being influenced by those who advocate for social justice-oriented “wokeness” judgments (such as judgements against former President Trump and his supporters called Trumpists). 
  • Congressional opposition is being limited, with Republican voices merely allowed to speak without substantial action (the White House has numerous legal tools to disregard Congressional decisions). 
  • Citizens are enticed by fat welfare and potential future benefits from the government (free or subsidized housing, food, education, health care …). 
  • Media outlets with a socialist leaning such as the New York Times and Washington Post gain guiding prominence with government help. 

 Societal changes are influenced by a myriad of factors, including economics, politics, cultural shifts, and evolving ideas. The historical and ideological comparisons offered here aim to initiate thoughtful consideration. 

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Almighty Government as a Religious Force in Conflict with Christianity and Judaism

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A nation’s survival throughout history has been reliant upon a cohesive national identity. This identity is characterized by shared virtues that promote the well-being of the nation and its citizens, guiding what should be upheld and what should be eschewed. This collective sense of virtue has been molded and safeguarded by religion and its institutions. 

The adage “religion is the opium of the people” has been wielded by global totalitarians (Marxists, Nazis, Bolsheviks, Maoists, Ultra Leftists, etc.) in their endeavor to supplant traditional religions with their own totalitarian ideologies. This article is dedicated to substantiating this claim. 


The central question facing America today is whether we are molded in the image of God-in-Heavens or in the image of God-in-Washington. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, religion encompasses a personal set or an institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices. 

This notion elucidates the reason any totalitarian government can be seen as a religion – it compels obedience to its systematized set of religious beliefs through its established laws, leaving individuals with no alternative choices. 

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However, a fundamental distinction exists between the God-in-Washington and God-in-Heavens: while the former seeks to transform individuals into spiritual and economic slaves, the latter aims to safeguard humanity’s innate freedoms. 

For those who remain skeptical, the following analysis may provide clarity. 

Central tenets of any religion include its Creator, the Creator’s blueprint for Humanity, and the guidelines for human conduct that are ‘in the image and likeness of the Creator.’ Various denominations or streams within a religion adapt these principles to accommodate different circumstances among diverse communities.

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But the interpretation of these fundamental tenets varies significantly across different religions. 

Interpretation of Religious Tenets in Judeo-Christian America 

The God-in-Heaven is the Creator of everything and invisibly directs humanity. The Creator’s decrees are epitomized by the natural laws elucidated for humans in the Torah and Bible. 

Christianity and Judaism offer diverse interpretations of these decrees. Yet, the core principle can be summarized in the words of the esteemed Rabbi Hillel, a prominent figure in Jewish history: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” 

This principle fundamentally upholds Individual Freedoms. 

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Interpretation of Religious Tenets in Totalitarian America 

In Totalitarian America, the God-in-Washington is the Creator. This God’s mandates manifest in the myriad of laws that negate the individual freedoms enshrined in the American Constitution, thus altering America’s traditional Judeo-Christian identity from one of individual freedoms to a nation bound by the ‘civil rights’ of slaves. Under this regime, citizens are coerced into conforming to the image dictated by totalitarian laws, irrespective of the divergence from Judeo-Christian virtues. Non-compliance is met with severe punishment. 

This situation epitomizes Slavery! 

Torah Code

Evidential Examples of Our Subjugation, Often Overlooked: 

  • Compulsory government-funded education distorts historical events by presenting them as sinful or criminal (e.g., slavery, colonialism, racism, unjust wars), fostering an unquestioning trust in the government’s ability to rectify our perceived “sinful/criminal past.” 
  • “Civil rights” legislation (such as equal representation, economic parity, abortion, GLBT+ rights) that encroaches upon our own rights to individual freedoms of judgment. 
  • Escalating contrived “national crises” (pertaining to climate, poverty, housing, health, equality, racism, and more) justifying the wealth transfer from individuals to the government, thereby diminishing resources available for the exercise of individual freedoms to fix the problems locally (charity, mitzvah). 
  • Government initiatives to appropriate more national wealth through an ever-increasing national debt that shackles future generations. 
  • The fusion of numerous big monopolies (such as Big Pharma, Big Energy, Big Bank, Big New-media, …) with the omnipotent control of the totalitarian government through a labyrinth of regulations aimed at controlling personal consumption of ordinary citizens and enriching big monopolies and Government-in-Washington. 
  • A particularly disturbing accomplishment of the God-in-Washington is the pervasive self-censorship, wherein individuals preemptively censor information even before reading or listening. 

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If we still hold onto the belief that we are a nation of freedom, the responsibility rests upon us to select a national religious path to follow, for without a guiding faith, a nation’s destiny is bleak! 

Share this thought-provoking perspective to encourage meaningful dialogue. 



Almighty government as a religion in war with Christianity and Judaism!

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‘In the image of God’ or ‘In the image of Government-god’ is the question America faces.

Classical Greek sculptures of gods and goddesses, Athens, Greece.

Marriam-Webster dictionary: religion is a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices. 

And that is why any totalitarian government is a religion – it forces you to obey its institutionalized by its laws system of religious (because you have no other choices) beliefs.

Steveso Thinks 

But Almighty-Government religion and Christianity/Judaism are fundamentally different: the goal of the first is to make of a man a spiritual and economic slave while the goal of the second is to preserve man’s natural freedoms.   

For those who are still skeptical the following may be of help.  

Keystones of any religion are its Creator, Creator’s design for Humanity and His rules of human behavior – in the image and likeness of Creator. Any religion has numerous denominations/streams to tailor Creator’s rules to different life circumstances of various tribes.   

However, the very meaning of these keystones is fundamentally different in different religions.     

How religion’s keystones are understood in Judeo-Christian America 

Creator the Almighty God is somewhere in the Heavens above the people. His rules are the natural laws that are described in regard of humans in the Torah/Bible.  

Christianity and Judaism have many interpretations on these rules. But basic understanding of the rules is like one of the most revered Rabbis in Jewish history Rabbi Hillel described it – Treat the others as you themself want to be treated! 

And that means Individual Freedoms! 

How religion’s keystones are understood in Totalitarian America 

Creator the Almighty Government is in Washington. His rules are myriads of its laws that incapacitate American Constitution of individual freedoms and transform America from its traditional Judeo-Christian identity of individual freedoms to America of slaves’ civil rights. In this America, you shell be in the image of totalitarian laws – to do what is hostile to your Judeo-Christian virtues, or you would be severely punished. 

And that is Slavery!

Some illustrative examples of our enslavement that are hard to be recognized by many:  

  • Mandatory government-funded education aimed at presenting normal historic developments as sinful or criminal (slavery, colonialism, unjust wars …) and creating unquestionable trust in government ability to fight our ‘sinful past’ 
  • ‘Civil rights’ laws (such as equal representation, economic equality, abortion, GLBT+, etc.) that violate our own rights of individual freedoms  
  • Mushrooming concocted ‘national crises’ related to everything (climate, poverty, housing, health, longevity, family, equality, racism, …) that justify transfer of wealth from individuals to government and reduce individual’s wealth which could be used for exercising individual freedoms (charity, mitzvah) in addressing the ‘crises’ 
  • Government actions of seizing more national wealth through ever-increasing national debt that enslaves future generations  
  • Union of many economic monopolies with the monopoly of almighty totalitarian government to regulate personal consumption through myriads of regulations 
  • Most devastating achievement of the religion of Almighty Government is self-censorship – before reading a piece of information very many contacts censorship informal authority to decide to approve it or curse! 
And if we still believe we are a nation of freedom
it is up to us to choose a national religion to follow
– without a religion a nation is doomed!  

Trump and Netanyahu as archenemies of the ‘deep state’ and its politicized justice

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This publication is for many good people, including some of my best friends, who mistakenly believe that Trump and Netanyahu are the source of our national troubles. 

About every day we see in the news media something like this: 

Trump faces additional charges in Mar-a-Lago documents case 

Netanyahu Charges Take Israel into Unchartered Waters 

What is going on? Trump and Netanyahu were using the same governing tools as their predecessors – the tools which may look like corruption for those who are not familiar with the inner corruptive works of the government and its politicized judiciary. But they are treated not as their predecessors – they are treated as archenemies of the State.  

Why? – Because the politicized judicial actions against Trump and Netanyahu masquerade the true reason behind the hate of Trump and Netanyahu. And the true reason is the ‘Deep State’ sees Trump and Netanyahu as defenders and protectors of Traditional Israel and Traditional America which are the real enemies of the ‘Deep State.’  

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Why? – Because Traditional Jewish Israel and Traditional Judeo-Christian America are barriers to the new world order designed and build by Barack Obama that continues to be built by the Obamanized ‘Deep State’ (of course, with the money of Davos globalizers).

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This new world order is the world totalitarian union which composed of friendly totalitarian enclaves:  

***Totalitarian enclave of Russian empire being ruled by Moscow that includes all territories of the defunct Tsarist-Russia/Soviet-Russia to which the contemporary Ukraine belonged.








***Totalitarian enclave of Islamic empire being ruled by Iran that includes all territories considered by Iran to be Islamic (including the Arabs and Israelis).

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***Totalitarian-in-making enclave of Western-world empire being influenced by America with American efforts to subdue some Western countries which cherish individual freedoms.

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***And the rest of the world to be playgrounds for the totalitarians.  

This new totalitarian world order as Obama/Biden has found has two enemies which are Judeo-Christian America with Trump and Judeo-Jewish Israel with Netanyahu:

By saying settlements not illegal, Trump seen as throwing Netanyahu a ... 

  •  President Trump prevented Moscow from ruling in their Obama-designated Moscow’s totalitarian zone – that is why there was no Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Trump succeeded in creating the Abraham Accord between Israel and many Arab countries that sharply reduced the Iran’s influence in its Obama-designated totalitarian Islamic enclave. And President Trump began dismantling a totalitarian architecture of America itself and had begun returning God to American governing principles.  

That is why American Totalitarians hate him, consider him an archenemy, and are doing everything to demolish him.    

  • Prime-Minister Netanyahu prevents Iran from ruling in the Obama-designated totalitarian Islamic enclave that makes Obama/Biden cohort hate him and do everything to depose him. Prime-Minister Netanyahu returns God to Israel’s governing system that strengthens Israel’s position as the spiritual keeper of Judeo-Christian America and the world.  

That is why American totalitarians hate him as well and doing everything to demolish him with the help of Jewish Bolsheviks in Israel (yes, Israel has everything!) 

Thus, for those who love the Obama’s world order, Trump & Netanyahu are real archenemies.  

But those who live by the virtues of individual freedoms (guided by the Ten Commandments, Torah, Bible, Traditions …) should think twice before condemning Trump and Netanyahu.

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A note for checkers of the facts: The author does not have any leaked information in support of his analysis – this analysis has resulted from observing and studying Obama/Biden-cohort’s numerous actions and preferences.  


Judeo-Christian virtues of Contentment reinforced by science vs Almighty-Government Virtues of despair propped up by Politics 

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Returning to national Judeo-Christian virtues reinforced by fundamental science would bring back nation’s uplifted life while the life by Almighty-Government’s virtues fertilized by political science will deepen national desperation.  

Judeo-Christian virtues of hope and contentment5 Keys To Uplifting Your Default Mood - 6 Dimensions of Healing  

Judeo-Christian virtues are what is prescribed by the Ten Commandments and being tailored to always changing world – they are not rituals (dogmas) created by religious authorities in Judaism and Christianity to visibly demonstrate religious unity.  

How the world is changing and how these changes may direct the tailoring of Judeo-Christian virtues is being discovered by fundamental science.  

Fundamental science discovers the laws of nature (the God’s Laws, as overwhelming majority call them) that govern the everchanging world – the laws that are used for creating the knowledge, technologies, and economies that support the life by Judeo-Christian virtues of hope and contentment. 

Judeo-Christian virtues are of hope and contentment because they are rooted in the belief that all humans are created as equal neighbors (in the image and likeness of God) and are grouped by history in different but equal races, skills, families, communities, and nations peacefully cooperating with each other for better future

Judaism is describing this belief in one sentence: Do not do to the others what you to do not want to be done to you!  

Of course, there are wrong doers (sinners) in any Judeo-Christian community (they are well identified in the Bible) who are harming the others (murdering, burglarizing, raping, etc.). But because the wrong doers are a small minority, citizens in a Judeo-Christian community can contain them, mostly by expelling from the community spiritually of physically, and do it by using guns if necessary. 

Thus, citizens of a true Judeo-Christian community do not need a government that protects them from inside-community wrong doers.  

Almighty-Government virtues of rear and despairDepression by AnnDeeF on DeviantArt 

Almighty-government virtues are rooted in the belief that all humans are created as unequal by races, skills, families, communities, and nations with inborn urge to fear the ‘sinister’ others who are trying to get ahead by exploiting the ‘righteous.’ Therefore, an almighty government is needed to protect the ‘righteous’ from the ‘sinners.’ 

The Almighty Government is becoming almighty by public brainwashing toward inequality and planting antagonistic feelings among nation’s diversified communities. When that takes root, then the government imposes totalitarian laws under the pretense of protecting communities from each other.  

Planted antagonistic relationships that put many diversified American communities against each other are numerous such as:  

  • ‘Colored’ communities against ‘white-supremacy’ communities 
  • Secular communities against religious communities 
  • Immigrant communities against traditional communities  
  • Poor communities against rich communities  
  • Employees against employers  
  • LGBT+ communities against straight communities  
  • ‘Diversified’ communities against communities of one ‘breed’ 
  • Privacy-preserving communities against communities of government-directed intruders  
  • Promoters of Government welfare system against providers of charity/mitzvah  
  • Believers in public education against believers in private education  
  • Vaccination supporters against anti-vaccination groups 
  • Anti-gun communities against pro-gun communities  
  • Community of globalists against community of believers in American uniqueness   
  • And anything else you can imagine.  
What to do short of a civil war?CAI Course: Register for Governing Your Community (DCAL) | CAI-IL 

We may begin with electing to the House of Representatives, Senat, and Presidency the citizens with the proven life by Judeo-Christian morality – not, as we do now, those who are promising to make fairer redistribution of wealth, more diversified national institutions, higher wages, health insurance for all – in short, not those who promise everything only to be elected and to begin using taxpayers’ money for own benefits.