Anti-Trump war: liberalism against conservatism

^^^Anti-Trump war: liberalism against conservatism^^^   

History undoubtedly demonstrated that a prosperous nation has the unifying national morals/virtues shared by an absolute majority.

The government cannot legislatively create such unifying national morals/virtues – the peoples for centuries shape them. They are stable and resistant to changes, and therefore are conservative.

The US Constitution is rooted in Bible
Judeo-Christian foundation of America

Yet, the conservative morals/virtues are changing as well to make them suitable to always changing life circumstance (changing economics, technology, climate, enemies …). They are changing by peoples’ consensus. They are not changing by government orders – the government duty is to preserve and defend the peoples’ morals/virtues. And such a change is a conservative liberalism.

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But the modern American liberalism is something completely different. This liberalism is forcing families and communities to live by government-imposed political qualities (such as human rights, gender rights, economic equality, minorities’ rights, anti-white racism, and much more) that are hostile to the peoples’ morals/virtues.

The result? – the great social unrest our nation lives in now. This liberalism ruined the unified American nation of glorious past.

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Nowadays the USA resembles a nation composed of families and communities with incompatible morals/virtues, and each community is trying to impose on the others – through the almighty supremacist government – its morals/virtues.

The communities with incompatible morals/virtues are diverse – with no drive to succeed, with different family structure, with different values of human life, with no respect for others’ property, with tradition of revenge, and much more.

Protestors demonstrating with smoke bombs in front of police Protestors demonstrating with smoke bombs in front of police force at night. Anti-government protest by a group of social activists. street violence stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

We hoped the melting pot would create unified national morals/virtues, but it did not happen. Whom to blame? – … of course, the history and the destructive immigration that accepted immigrants with the morals/virtues incompatible with these of traditional America.

Now we have two options for the future America.

One America as a dictatorship of supremacist government where everybody is forced to follow government orders. In this America, the government polices the nation to prevent murderous confrontations, and everybody hates – blacks hate whites, poor hates rich, atheists hate religious, and so on.

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The other America is a country in transition from the supremacist government to the government of the glorious past. This government will not address the presumed wrongs of the past. The wrongs will be addressed by families and communities with the help of spiritual leaders.

The transitional government should be a restoration government – for restoring the founding Judeo-Christian morals/virtues for the entire nation and protecting all who live by them.

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We will be deciding in 2022-2024 elections the fate of future America.

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Anti-Trump war has nothing to do with Trump himself

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>>>Anti-Trump war has nothing to do with Trump himself>>>    

Anti-Trump war is about who are shaping our lives – we themselves or the almighty government  

That is not about Trump – that is about us the Americans! 

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Defending Trump’s actions, not him personally, mean protecting Judeo-Christian America – not what he said or meant.  

Electing Trump-like leaders means preserving our unique political/social structure to continue our prosperity while electing Biden(&Co)-like leaders is a road to the Bolshevism and impoverished Soviet Union.

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The true reason for anti-Trump war is not his “crimes” skillfully manufactured by the supremacist elite – the real reason is that he, not Biden, Obama, Clinton, or Bush, is a real threat to the Supremacist Elite (housed by the Dem Party) and the road to Bolshevism.  

The Supremacist Elite has realized that Trump is going to win in 2024, and his win might mean the end of their totalitarian dreams. That is why they are using all Soviet-style tools to prevent him from running in elections. 

The Congressional “Jan. 6” Trump’s persecution is the first Soviet-style open show-trial.

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But most of anti-Trump war actions are conducted by the supremacist-government bureaucracy (DOJ, FBI …) as could be seen for example in:  

National security expert explains how new bombshell report reveals generals unlawfully conspired to disobey Trump (msn.com)  

FBI raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: ‘Unprecedented’ for agency to execute search warrant against former president | Fox News 

The FBI’s decision to execute a search warrant at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on Monday is “unprecedented” – especially for a non-sitting commander-in-chief and one who has indicated he might run again, a former special-agent-in-charge tells Fox News Digital.

All the above is understood by the people of Judeo-Christian morality who believe God (whatever they think it is) guides them as “unique individuals in His image” through the Ten Commandments and Bible.

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The people who revere the Supremacist government as God have opposite beliefs – they believe they are identical members of a citizens’ herd where each member is equally cared by the government though forceful redistribution of national wealth and power.

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They are supporting their beliefs by misrepresenting everything – our Constitution, our history, our traditions.  

They misrepresent religious morality of the nation, the very essence of democracy, individual freedoms vs government powers, and everything else to support their war against Judeo-Christian America.

And the Big Davos-guided business oligarchs support them by financing the big new-media which are brainwashing the public to cover up the true roots of anti-Trump war.

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What to do? We have two options – to continue observing the murdering of Judeo-Christian America in hope for a miracle or begin fighting.  


Trump haters hate by feelings – Trump defenders defend by facts

<Yes, that is true – Trump haters hate by feelings – Trump defenders defend by facts> 

In the comments to post in this Blog “Who are Trump haters and his defenders,” Trump haters were justifying their hate by characterizing his actions as these of swindler, fraudster, trickster, deceiver, hoaxer, sinner, and criminal.

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Many in the nation, including most of this Blog commentators and myself, do not belief in these accusations – these accusations are rooted in the feelings, not in the facts. But that is that they believe, and for the last five years they have worked hard to make the nation believe in all that.  

The Trump hate has been manufactured by our Marxism-guided supremacist leaders. Hate is a highly infectious illness, and our supremacist leaders (most of whom are politically associated with the Dem Party) have successfully infected many in the nation with it (with the help of our news media).  

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The true Trump haters are even not able to understand that their Trump hate may hit them hard in the future. Indeed, the US Constitution makes it clear the US Congress cannot investigate the US President (except the treason). The citizens are the only power that can remove the US President by voting. If Trump haters make their witch hunt legally acceptable, the Republican-dominated Congress would begin witch-hunting for Pelosi, Baden, Shumer, Obama, and other liberal lords. Do they want it? 

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Or might it be that their goal is Soviet-style one-party rule (of course, their party)?  

The comments of Trump defenders (majority of whom are of Bible-guided Judeo-Christian morality) have been of completely different nature. His defender’s support is rooted in the facts:   

He made America energy independent that led to lower fuel prices and therefore to lower prices for all consumer goods.

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He preserved our military presence in Afghanistan that secured our interests in this part of the World.

Image result for images of american military in afghanistan  

He made the Middle East more peaceful by designing and promoting the Abraham’s Accord.

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He prevented Putin’s Russia from aggressive anti-West actions, including the Russian war against Ukraine, by demonstrating his unquestionable resolve to military response.

Trump Pic at Nato

He has built the Wall that sharply reduced illegal and dangerous immigration.

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He reduced our dangerous economic dependence on China’s goods.

Image result for Made in China Sign  

And He tried to reduce the government intervention in citizens lives. 

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Thus, we the citizens must decide (in elections 2022 and 2024) what US President is best for the nation: somebody who pleases their feelings and dashes their individual freedoms, or somebody who improves their material and spiritual wellbeing and protect their individual freedoms.   

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Who are Trump haters and his defenders

They are presumed leaders of two rival camps

Indeed, who are Trump haters and his defenders?  

*Trump defenders* 

They are those who believe that a nation must have a national morality, and that a nation which ruins its national morality ruins itself.  

They believe that our founding national morality is morality of the Bible-guided Ten Commandments be it of divine or historic origin.  

They believe this morality has the following fundamental virtues: 

  • taking care of yourself, your family, and your community,  
  • being personally responsible for the results of your actions,  
  • not doing to the others what you do not want to be done to you.  

And they believe this morality strengthens and unites all in the nation in the fight against the enemies foreign and domestic.  

President Donald Trump was (and is) a person whose presidential actions supported all that.  

Trump defenders do not care about his personal life sins because that is a matter between him and the Supreme Power above us (God) – they support his actions in defense of traditional Bible-guided national morality.  

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Many of them vote Republican since ideology of this political party is closer to the traditional national morality.

*Trump haters* 

They are those who believe that a nation does not need any national morality – a powerful (Big, Totalitarian, Supremacist …) government unifies and strengthens the nation by forcing all to obey its orders. 

They believe the government is  

  • responsible for citizen’s wellbeing – not the citizens themselves, 
  • justified in forcing the citizens to do what the government officialdom does not want to be done to them. 

Some of them say the almighty government is needed to defend the Constitution against the Bible but that is wrong because the Constitution is rooted in Bible morality.

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Some of them say the almighty government is needed to fight against Racism but that is wrong again because the morality of Ten Commandments treats the humans of different races as equals.

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Some of them say the almighty government is needed to create a ‘fair’ wealth redistribution but the wrongness of this has been proved by all Marxism-guided regimes.

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President Donald Trump was (and is) a person who ruins their Marxist dreams.   

That is why they vehemently hate him and do everything to murder him politically – not as a political opponent but as a political Devil:  

January 6 Committee’s Bid to Prove Trump Criminally Liable for Violence Falls Short | National Review  

Image result for image of jan 6 committee

Our civil war is in defense of our unique national morality of individual freedoms against Government tyranny. The nation is divided this way, and therefore for some President Donald Trump is Savior while for the others he is Devil.    



Failing Biden’s presidency is another sign of failing our unique democracy

Many may not believe it but that is true – failing Biden’s presidency is another sign of failing our unique democracy.  

That is prevailing news-media attitude toward Biden’s presidency – Joe Biden’s presidency is failing:  

Joe Biden’s presidency is failing. And Americans are hurting because of it. (msn.com)  

However, failing is not Biden’s presidency – his mental decay and moral decay of his party have been evident for a long time.

Biden stumbles multiple times, falls as he scales Air Force One stairs | Fox News

Failing is our unique democracy which is now accepting such presidency and government. 

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This failure is the result of well-planned actions of the supremacists of our nation who act tirelessly to replace our Bible-guided democracy by their democracy of obedience to a supremacist government.  

We the people of traditional America and they the supremacists have profoundly different understanding of democracy.  

We the people believe we are created in the image of the Supreme High in the Above, and we are guided from there. Our trust in this guidance directs us to democratically elect a government that protects life by our beliefs.

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The supremacists believe they are God-like Supreme High and therefore we the people should democratically elect them to rule our life by their beliefs.  

In religious language of Judaism and Christianity, the human supremacists are described as Satan, Devil or Lucifer. 

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In non-religious language, the modern human supremacists are described as Marxists, Nazis, Bolsheviks, Communists, Totalitarians, Dictators, Leftists/Rightists, … 

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The supremacists began the war for power with a false premise that the US Constitution prevents Bible-guided morality from guiding the US Government – referring to State-Religion separation by the Constitution.   

That is a false premise, and here is why.  

Religion has two key components: religious moral virtues and religious governing authorities.  

Religious moral virtues are a genetic morality guidance for all in a nation – the morality of equality of everybody. The Supreme High in the Above is guarantor of this equality – not a Supreme Government.  

Religious governing authorities are governing bodies that may compete with a democratically elected government and that is what the US Constitution separates.  

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The false interpretation of the US Constitution was intentional to begin remaking the nation – from Bible-guided individual freedoms to collective modern slavery by government orders.  

Image result for images of oppressive government

The tool of remaking was legislative power that was used for breaking the unified-by-Bible nation into many disunited hostile clans, and then forcing all to accept a supremacist government as a national “peace maker”. 

See the source image      

Below is a list of some legislatively created hostile aggressive clans. 

Those who are well-off due to their hard work vs those who want to improve their wellbeing by ‘working hard’ at demonstrations and intimidations  

It was done by legislating unequal taxation and welfare schemes.  

Those who are employers vs those who are employees 

It was done by legislating minimal wages, work conditions, diversity rules, etc. 

Those who are men vs those who are women or transgenders  

It was done by legislating gender-related definitions and provisions.  

Those who have white skin vs those who have color skin  

It was done by legislating race-related privileges for government jobs and in education.  

Those who are born here vs those who are immigrants  

It was done by legislating the acceptance of immigrants from the foreign lands with virtues hostile to ours.  

Those who believe in environmental justice and whose who believe that justice is only a human virtue 

It was done by legislating the privileges of some industries over others (for example, solar over fossil).   

And much more  

President Donald Trump gets a firsthand look at the destruction caused by rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin

And our children are being brainwashed by government educational establishment to believe in the greatness of these supremacist legislative actions.  

More people are beginning to understand the failure of our unique democracy. 

More than one quarter of US residents feel so estranged from their government that they feel it might “soon be necessary to take up arms” against it, as a poll released recently claims: 

A quarter of Americans open to taking up arms against government, poll says (msn.com) 

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