America that led the nation God’s way has turned to Devil’s way 

That is true – America that led the nation the God’s way has turned to Devil’s way – and that profoundly affects the life of ordinary citizens. 


First, let us definite the God’s and Devil’s ways.  

Britannica: existence of God is the proposition that there is a supreme supernatural being that is the creator and sustainer of the universe and all things in it, including human beings. 

The Torah/Bible clarify ‘sustaining in God’s own image’ as being a unique individual creator.  

Merriam-Webster: Devil is the personal supreme spirit of evil, the tempter of humankind, the leader of all apostate angels, and the ruler of hell.  

Thus, Devil’s role is to disrupt the God’s way and it do that by remaking the human beings from unique individual creators to moral and economic slaves who follow work-orders of an owner.  

Let us connect the definitions above with the wellbeing of ordinary people. 

A nation of individual unique creators is a society of individual freedoms and greatest economic growth that provides enough, although unequal, wealth to the overwhelming majority to be satisfied, or happy, with their social and economic wellbeing including the availability and quality of family life, food, housing, transportation, education, travel, charity, arts, etc.  

Why? – Because everybody is personally responsible for the wellbeing of his/her family, community, country, and everything what is made ‘in image of God.’ Nobody complains! 

That was the America of the past – the envy of the entire world! Most of the nations tried – successfully or not – to learn American way of life.  

A nation of moral and economic slaves is a society of stagnant economic growth, or economic decline, which provides miserable, although equal, wealth for ordinary people that is not enough to satisfy ordinary majority (of course, the ruling elites are satisfied). 

Why? – Because everybody believes the governing elites (slave owners) are responsible for the wellbeing of individuals, families, communities, and entire country. 

Therefore, everybody complains and demands more.  

Corruption is flourishing and that makes the elites richer and the human slaves poorer.  

That is the America of nowadays – the resentment of many ordinary Americans and in the world.  


What to do? The answer is in a recent letter from Mike Pompeo: 

“Winston Churchill once described America like a giant boiler: “Light a fire under it, and there’s no limit to the amount of heat it can generate.”
Under the Trump Administration, a fire was truly lit. We worked to guide America in a direction of success.
But that fire was snuffed out by the Biden Administration, and now we are at a standstill.
That’s why 2023 is so important. If we want to relight the fire in 2024, we must ignite the fuse in 2023”.


How to light the fire? An answer is given is recent presentation of Donald J Trump:

(810) JUST IN: Trump Proposes Building Ten New US ‘Freedom Cities,’ Offering ‘Baby Bonuses’ – YouTube


Likelihood of civil wars in America and Israel is rooted in alike history of their making 

Yes, that is true – likelihood of civil wars in America and Israel is rooted in alike history of their making. 

America’s and Israel’s nations, unlike most of other world nations, were not molded by millennium-long history that shapes out one national morality code that makes a nation One People. 

People of different and sometime rival tribal morals populated America and Israel. 

America was populated, and continues to do so, by Catholics and Protestants, Christians and Jews, French and Englishmen, German and Italians, Whites and Blacks, Europeans and Africans, Free-men and Slaves, and so on – most with rival tribal morals.  

Israel was populated, and continues to do so, by Jews of diverse history in exile, such as Sephardim and Ashkenazim, Lubavitcher and Hasidim, Caucasian and Palestinian Jews, German and Polish Jews, Uzbek and Iranian Jews, Zionist and Mizrahi, and so on – most with rival tribal morals as well. 

In America and Israel, the founders clearly understood the inherited tribal rivalry but knew what united all rival tribes, and that was to live by their Bible-inspired individual freedoms without being oppressed by the government. 

For the founders, it meant the national government should not concoct a new national morality and impose it on everybody. 

Tribal/communal/family morals, not the national government laws, had to define decisions on all moral things such as for example on abortion, gender, education, health, criminality, housing, welfare, race, religion, equality, taxation, and so on.  

America and Israel had to be ruled by Bible-guided individual freedoms with different tailoring of Bible guidance to different communal traditions but with free-market competitive economics.  

America and Israel had to be under the federal government that protects tribal morals – not suppresses them.  

America and Israel had to be nations when different communities did not blame each other for racism, discrimination, inequality, misfortunes, crime, poor education, oppression, etc.  

America was such a nation until 1960s and Israel until 1990s.  

Then, everything began rapidly changing.  

Why? – The WWII and America-led Cold War with Soviet Russia and numerous Israeli-Arab wars led to tremendous empowerment of the governments in both nations, and naturally the government wanted to keep this power forever. 

How was it done? – By proclaiming that the government must be the sole source of national morals, then by making up those morals, and then by forcing all diverse and frequently rival communities to live by foreign to them government morals. 

Republican and Democrat Partis in America and numerous political Parties in Israel are fighting in elections not for reducing government power and letting all communities live by their own unique morals.  

To reach their totalitarian goals (and personal enrichment that comes with power), political parties have brainwashed the public to believe that national morals of the past are sins, and only the government can fix it.  

In America, the concocted sins are numerous – slavery, racism, white supremacism, discrimination, inequality … 

How to fix all that in America the way of almighty government? – By confiscating and redistributing wealth that has been done under numerous nicely sounding slogans such as for example:  

In Israel, the concocted sins are numerous as well but more rooted in morals and religious dogmas – in religious camp, sins are Torah/Talmud multiple rabbinical prescripts’ violations in the public life; in anti-religious camp, sins are any retreat from European democracy traditions in public life. 

How to fix it in Israel the way of almighty government? – By imposing on all diverse religious and secular communities the morals of an election victor, and of course by redistribution of public wealth from losers to the victor. 

So, indeed likelihood of civil wars in America and Israel is rooted in alike history of their making. Civil wars may have two end results:

remaking both nations from nations of God-guided individual freedoms to totalitarianism

or restoring God-given individual freedoms. 

Let us try to keep the civil war cold! 


Intellectual, not theological, thoughts on God from a believer

Intellectual, not theological, might be scientific, thoughts on God from a believer and scientist.

In modern world, everybody understands that everything what happens around us and with us personally is caused by some kind of laws created by some almighty power that the humans call God. 

What is called God causes everything what happens in human and non-human world through His Laws. We humans are discovering these laws to use them for creating our own personal, social, and national world. 


From the times of Mount Sinai revelation, the Jews and then Christians believe that they are created in God’s Image, and since then this image is a hot-discussion topic for theologians in relation to human behavior and for scientists in relation to matter behavior.  

The following are Bible-inspired thoughts for what it might mean to be created in God’s image. 

If God is the giver of laws which govern everything, what does it mean for national leaders to legislate in the image of God?  

It means that National leaders should enforce the God’s laws by legislating these laws in the language and actions in the life of ordinary people. Laws of a human government should help citizens live by God’s laws and should put barriers to violators. 

If God is unique, what does it mean for an individual to be unique in the God’s image? 

It means that because God is unique in His existence, everyone is unique in their own existence. Every musician, every politician, every plumber, every farmer, every teacher, and so on is unique in their own way. That is what we call “individual freedoms.” 

If God is creator, what does it mean for an individual to be a creator in the God’s image? 

It means that an individual should follow God’s way of creation. After God created something, He observed behavior of a created thing, and if it was not in accordance with His vision, the created thing was destroyed and replaced by a new one. Everybody in any sphere of their labor should be trying as well to reach their best individual vision.

If God is eternal, what does it mean for an individual to be eternal in the God’s image?  

It means that because God is eternal in the eternal existence of His creations, every individual is eternal in the continuing existence of their own creations after our souls depart to ‘God’s havens’ – continuing the eternal lines of family, of children, of home, of profession, of morality, of community, of religion, etc.

If God is ONE, what does it mean for multiple religions and denominations to be ONE in the God’s image? 

It means to have the same unifying Ten-Commandments’ spiritual foundation while searching for the Image of God in their own unique ways.



Teachings in Judaism and Christianity must be refocused to save Judeo-Christian America 

A note on Science and Religion

Science and Religion are not competing – they are supplementing each other. 

Science discovers the laws which govern the nature and human life – the laws created by the almighty power called God. Science does not label the laws in human moral terms and does not define how good or bad the laws are.   

Religion defines how the laws of nature should be used in human life – how to use them morally to enable humans to distinguish between good and bad, to support good and suppress bad.


A note on refocusing religious teachings

Yes, that is important – teachings in Judaism and Christianity must be refocused to save Judeo-Christian America. That is necessary to refocus religious teachings from “Obeying God” as it was justifiably dogmatized for many centuries for the hard historic times to “Reasoning as God in His Image and Liking” as the challenges of contemporary life require. It is necessary to do to preserve God as the sole source of our morality and resist all efforts to make the human totalitarians as such source. 


I am a Jew, but I am not a Rabbi – that is why I cannot provide anybody with a priestly guidance. But I am a scientist, and thus can search for the causes that have led to Judeo-Christian America’s decline and for the means for fixing it. 

Let us begin with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, who was not a Jew or Christian (he was a Deist):
“I have lived . . . a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth-that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured . . . in the sacred writings, that ‘except the Lord build the House they labour in vain that build it.'” It was Ben Franklin who suggested that the Constitutional Convention should seek God’s blessing in an opening prayer at every session! 

Benjamin Franklin and Americans of that time knew, or just believed, that all aspects of their lives were directed or guided by the almighty power above them called God – all aspects, including politics outside and within the government. 

At the time, the Church was chief teacher of the citizens of how to understand the God’s guidance in all aspects of human lives including the politics. 

At the time, the citizens were building their future from scratch. Most of them did not have time for a more inclusive education, and the Church as chief educator was providing the people with dogma-like time-frozen life directions that were applied to politics as well.  

At the time, people outside politics and in politics were of the same Judeo-Christian morality, although not of the same religious denominational dogmas and rituals, and therefore the government leaders were legislating based on Judeo-Christian national virtues.

The nation was politically unified – unified by equality of individual freedoms to reach everybody’s individual best, not by equality of wealth. In a brief period, slavery was abolished, and the Blacks got the opportunity to become a part of this unified nation. 

The nation was busy building itself and forgot a history lesson: Power corrupts, and the Big Power corrupts bigly.  

And the Church (and of course, the Synagogue) failed guiding the people to distinguish between the almighty power of God that strengthen us in God-given individual freedoms and the almighty power of human government that enslaves us.  

The Church failed to guide us in preventing the establishment of Big Government that is bigly corrupted.  

Why has the Church not guided the people on how to prevent the government from becoming a human god? – Because for the Church (and Synagogue) leaders most importantly was preserving Church membership and their own authority that have been in decline for some time.

Why has Church/Synagogue attendance been in decline? – Because the people had become much better educated and had more free time to make their own decisions on how to apply their God-guided genetic/upbringings morals to contemporary life. 

That is a serious conflict between the dogma-based religious teachings of the past and reason/morality-based decisions that many these days incline to make.  

And the almighty Big Government has eagerly filled the gap by brainwashing the population under the cover of freedom of speech.

What to do? – Refocus religious teachings – from dogma-based teachings to reason-based teachings rooted in the Ten Commandments and its Bible-guided interpretation.

The Church and Synagogue should teach people to think and make own God-guided decisions not just to obey! Precisely, as it is written – In the Image and Likeness of God! 

 Your comments are appreciated!

America and Israel are brothers-in-arms in fighting Global Cabal

Globalization of Obama/Biden/EU/Davos is an enemy
of the unique America and Israel

Globalization might be good and bad for people, and recent world history has clear examples of both.  

Globalization can be with intent for spreading world-wide Judeo-Christian virtues to help all nations, communities, and individuals preserve God-given individual liberties and live in peaceful cooperation with each other while preserving unique historic traditions (virtutes, morals, customs).  

Globalization can be with an opposite intent – for making the entire world Totalitarian that is ruled by world-elite’s dictators under the premise to create a world collective of obedient happy laborers (slaves) at the price of eliminating individual liberties and unique historic traditions of individuals, communities, and nations. 

Below are recent historic examples of globalization for making the entire world totalitarian.  

Naziism totalitarian globalization led by Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler was a racial globalization aimed at making the Aryan nation and their associates rulers of the world and all other either murdered (Jews, Gipses) or slaves (Russians).


Marxist totalitarian globalization led by Soviet Russia and Josef Stalin was an economic-equality globalization aimed at making the Russian Bolsheviks the world rulers.

Nowadays a new powerful globalization effort is in work – for making the entire world totalitarian that is ruled by Davos-ism money elites of big governments and big businesses of the entire world with an old slogan of creating a new world at the price of eliminating individual liberties and unique historic traditions of individuals, communities, and nations. In this globalized world, money is above liberties.

The new global totalitarians are brainwashing the ordinary citizens by the threat of world perils – the perils of climate change, of world-wide hunger, of world wars, of world lawlessness, of world overpopulation, of world economic crash, etc. And they brainwash us to believe that there is only one solution to prevent the perils, and of course this solution is to establish global totalitarianism and give up on individual liberties. They have brainwashed many to forget that such challenges humans faced from the very beginning and were resolving them successfully using God-given individual ingenuity.  


Two countries resist this new global totalitarianism, and they are Traditional Judeo-Christian America and Traditional Jewish Israel, and therefore these nations are under unrelentless attacks by foreign and domestic enemies.  

Why do these two countries resist?  

They resist because they are unique in the world. They were created by the people who escaped their historically native countries, where they were denied the life by their own God-guided virtues, to the new lands (Christians to America and Jews to the Promised Land), where they can live in freedom by their own God-guided morals.

The true unique America and Israel (not their governments) are fighting for the globalism of world individual liberties against the globalism of world happy slavery.  


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