This might be a way to avoid murderous civil war in America

This might be a way to avoid either incoming civil war in America or totalitarianism and do it with a failing traditional two-party electoral system. 

It starts with electing the US Congress mostly those who understand the danger of civil war or totalitarianism when the nation’s majority is forced to live by hostile morals imposed on them by the government to please a minority. The nation can be peaceful and stable only when the government only legislates what the majority supports.  

In unfriendly diverse nation such as the nowadays USA the majority on any legislative proposal could be easily found by numerous American public opinion pollsters.  

Let us say the federal government announces it wants to define legislatively marriage, or gender, or students’ loan forgiveness, or shutting down coal/nuclear-powered energy production, or eliminating perceived discrimination on something, or preventing climate change … or whatever it might be. Together with such an announcement the government should present a description of taxpayers’ gains and tax-$$$ losses for an ordinary citizen for each ‘want.’ Then, with the focus on this information, public opinion pollsters conduct the polls.  

If the polls find the majority in support of a “want’, the government may legislate this ‘want.’ If the majority is not found, the federal government does not legislate. Why? – Because it will force the majority to live by what it considers sinful, and that is a prescription for a civil war or dictatorship.  

What minorities (racial, religious, economic, sexual, etc.) are fighting for might be legislated at a local level (states, counties, municipalities, cities) where a local minority may have local majority’s support. 

All localities are different in their normative public behavior, as it should be in true democracy: California is different from Florida, Minneapolis is different from Dallas, Northern Chicago suburbs are different from Southern ones … 

All the rest of what is related to human behavior is left to the judgement of local religious, community and social organizations and individuals (individuals with guns to be ready to resist the government). 

Churches, synagogues, mosques, various human-rights groups are morally qualified to make a non-legal judgement on individual moral behavior in their communities.  

If all that is implemented,  

Judeo-Christian equality of opportunities will be secured,  

and Marxist equality of economic results will be prevented. 

If that is implemented,  

The political parties will not decide the nation’s fate  

(They are always interested in gaining more power)  

The nation’s fate will be decided by the citizen’s religious and social institutions  

(They are mostly fighting for citizen’s wellbeing)  


And if all that is implemented, 

the US Constitution will be pleased.  


If all that is implemented,  

Judeo-Christian equality of opportunities will be secured,  

and Marxist equality of economic results will be prevented. 


If that is implemented,  

the political parties will not decide the nation’s fate  

(And that is good because they are always interested in gaining more power)  

The nation’s fate will be decided by citizen’s religious and social institutions  

which are mostly fighting for citizen’s wellbeing.  


And if all that is implemented, 

the US Constitution will be pleased.  


Information in support of all in the above

Click on A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies | D | USAGov 

That is a list of US Government departments and agencies.  

Thousands of them!  

And each of them consumes millions of US taxpayers’ $$$.  

An ordinary citizen, and thus the citizens’ majority, cannot answer the question of how the taxpayer’s money consumed by most of these departments and agencies benefit taxpayers.  

Therefore, the American majority would support transferring the tasks of many (or most) of federal departments and agencies to authority of the states where many of them might be cancelled by the states.  

Result? The federal government budget is sharply reduced, balanced and on the way to quick debt repayment.  

Federal taxation of ordinary citizens is reduced and reduced significantly.  

Ordinary citizens would have more money to spend on what is important to them, not to the government (better housing, food, travel, entertainment, education, charity, etc.) 

Of course, the states and local governments would collect more money for local public expenses and order, but it would be much less than what the federal government collects.  


Many do not trust public pollsters because those who distrust rightly believe that the leftist and rightist pollsters are polling different public communities. That is true but there is a scientific solution to this challenge, and that is to combine the results of leftist and rightist polls in one trustworthy poll.  

“Our democracy” kills America 

Although it sounds unbelievably strange to many, “Our democracy” indeed kills America as we know her.   

# Democracy and
 national morality 

Any nation is distinguished from other nations by its unique national morality. A nation cannot exist without the unique national morality the absolute majority lived by. 

Democracy is not national morality. 

Democracy is just an individuals’ tool to elect those to a government who would legislate to secure and protect the unique national morality, and to reject those who want to “make it better by eliminate sins of the past.”  

When somebody says, “democracy does not work,” such a statement verifies that the unifying national morality is dead, and the nation lives by two or more hostile moralities. A 1% victory of a political party that represents the morality of one group does not bring civil peace to the nation.  

Recent bloody history of many world countries is the best confirmation of this statement: Russia’s Caucasia’s nations, former Yugoslavia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey with Kurds …  

It might already be late, but we must work hard to prevent it. And we must stop camouflaging the nation’s unrest (a cold civil war) by a slogan “our democracy” – it will not bring social peace. 

# Judeo-Christian national morality
of America and the US Constitution 

America is Judeo-Christian nation by its birth, and the US Constitution confirms it. The US Constitution separates Church and State, which is the non-elected governing authorities of any religious stream and elected governing authorities of the entire nation.  

The US Constitution does not separate Judeo-Christian morality of the nation from the morality of government legislative activities.  

The Constitution is a written representation of national morality in legal terms to make it harder for its misuse and misinterpretation. 

Historically, American national morality is Judeo-Christian rooted in the Ten Commandments and Bible, and Democracy or Constitution cannot be a replacement, and slogan “our democracy” cannot change it.  

# Who are the fathers of “our democracy”
and what they are trying to hide by this slogan. 

The fathers of “our democracy” are leaders of Democrat party such as Obama, Biden, Pelosi; some leaders of Republican party such as McConnell and numerous RINO; some wealthiest people such as Soros or Gates.  

The fathers of “our democracy” are trying to hide by this slogan their powerful global efforts to remake America, and then the entire world, from “God’s morality” in the Land of Liberty, individual freedoms, and responsibilities to Totalitarian morality of people’s obedience to government gods in exchange for equal and fair satisfaction they promise to provide to everybody. 

# How the fathers of “our democracy”
are creating their democratic voting base
They do it by falsifying history through
mandatory educational programs and news media. 

They present history as a next generation’s obligations to eliminate the sins or crimes 
of past generations (racism, genderism, inequality, discrimination …).  

However, that is a false history presentation. In true history, the next generation finds a better way to manage domestic and foreign challenges based on the lessons from predecessors’ history without blaming the predecessors.  

They do it through 
almighty economic and political welfare system. 

They present the government as a chief provider of people’s satisfaction through variety of regulations – on family, prices, environment, safety, housing, education … on everything.  

However, that is a false characterization of people’s satisfaction. The true satisfaction in the world of “God’s morality” is coming from individual achievements in cooperation with others – “in the image and likeness of God.”

“Our democracy” satisfaction is by equality of spiritual and economic poverty while the satisfaction of true democracy is by unequal spiritual and economic richness.

They do it through 
politically shaped immigration 

Immigrants who were coming through Ellis Island to live in the True Democracy of Traditional Judeo-Christian America were coming to live by their God-given natural freedoms without oppressive government “care,” and these people created the Great America. Immigrants who are coming these days through Southern Border are coming to live in “our democracy” under the “great care” of government.

America’s choice:  
the true democracy of individual freedoms and responsibilities,  
or “our democracy” of almighty totalitarian government.
We must begin electing to government those who would work tirelessly on breaking government chains of “our democracy” and getting back to the true democracy of individual freedoms and responsibilities.  


The US Constitution created by freedom-loving people is violated by our almighty government 

That is true to the surprise of many, the US Constitution created by freedom-loving people is violated by our almighty government. 

Just a reminder for those who have forgotten American history: this nation was created by Christian Europeans of different religious denominations who escaped Religious and Monarchial totalitarianism of Europe to live by individual freedoms and responsibilities of their Bible-guided Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Later, non-Christians were joining them – those whose beliefs have God-given individual freedoms and responsibilities at the top (including Indian native tribes, Asians, and some Africans). 

Soulmate closeness of Bible-guided Judeo-Christian America’s morals and of the US Constitution’s mandates is easily seen by comparing the Ten Commandments with the US Constitution. 

1- You will not have other gods before me. 

Applied to national guidance, this Commandment forbids a government establishing its own morals forcing the citizens to behave contrary to the Bible-guided morals. And that is what the First Amendment forbids – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (and legislated morals is a government religion). 

By legislating the citizen’s morals (for example, concerning marriage, gender, medical treatment, smoking, eating, taxation, etc.) our government is violating the US Constitution. 

2- You will not make idols. 

Applied to national guidance, this Commandment forbids everybody including the government making idols-taboos – that is something that the citizens must unquestionably believe and follow. And that is what the First Amendment forbids – Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech. 

By brainwashing the citizens through government mandatory education and through mass news media (for example, on racism, globalism, slavery, woke-ism, rights-ism, equality-ism, etc.) our government is violating the US Constitution. 

3- You will not take the name of the eternal God in vain. 

Applied to national guidance, this Commandment obligates everybody in private and in government not to violate “in God (and therefore in His prescribed morals) we trust.” And that is what the First Amendment forbids – Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion (that is of religious morals). 

By indoctrinating the citizens to believe that the US Constitution erected the impenetrable wall between government (its legislative work) and religion (religion-based morals) our government is violating the US Constitution. 

4- Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. 

It is still here: all three major religions have every week one day holy. 

5- Honor your father and your mother. 

Applied to national guidance, this Commandment obligates everybody to live by Fathers/Mothers’ generational wisdom – by generational wisdom, not by nowadays government-enforced morals-related rules (‘human rights,’ etc.). And that is what the US Constitution specifies. 

To prevent the federal government from becoming too powerful the Founders made sure its powers were limited and well defined. The powers given to the federal government are listed in the Constitution. The government has the powers listed there and nothing more.  

In general, the federal government’s powers are limited to areas that are of interest to the states as a whole and that are best handled at the national level. Those powers include providing a national defense, dealing with foreign nations, regulating commerce, financing the federal government, and other things that affect all the states. All other powers are left to the states or to the people. 

Thus, by regulating family relationships and behavior, our government violates the US Constitution. 

6- You will not kill. 

Applied to national guidance, this Commandment obligates everybody not to kill humans who live “in the image of God” (for revenge or personal gain), but it put no restrain on killing “satanic” groups who live not “in the image …” as was done in the Bible. And that is what the US Constitution specifies. 

The text of the Second Amendment reads in full: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Framers of the Bill of Rights adapted the wording of the amendment from identical clauses in some of the original thirteen state constitutions. 

During the Revolutionary War era, “militia” referred to groups of men who banded together to protect their communities, towns, colonies and eventually states, once the United States declared its independence from Great Britain in 1776. 

Many people in America at the time believed governments used soldiers to oppress the people and thought the federal government should only be allowed to raise armies (with full-time, paid soldiers) when facing foreign adversaries. For all other purposes, they believed, it should turn to part-time militias, or ordinary civilians using their own weapons. 

Thus, by regulating arms ownership and the use, our government violates the US Constitution.

7- You shall not commit adultery. 

It is still here: all three major religions respect this virtue although some humans are sinning.  

What is wrong with our government is using adultery for political murdering of rivals and that is a violation of individual freedoms and therefore of the US Constitution.  

8- You will not steal. 

Applied to national guidance, this Commandment obligates everybody not to steal personally or collectively. And that is what the US Constitution specifies. 

The US Constitution allows the government taxation only for constitutional government tasks – the taxation for redistribution of wealth from those who make it to those who demand it based on their “human rights” is stealing.  

Thus, by using taxation for redistribution of wealth, our government violates the US Constitution.


9- You shall not speak false testimony against your neighbor. 

Applied to national guidance, this Commandment obligates everybody in private or in government to speak the Truth, and only the Truth. That is just what the US Constitution cannot regulate – Judeo-Christian morals cannot be judged by the government, but that is mass-violated by the government. 

Those who follow the politics and mass news media know the false testimony for political or monetary gain has become a common normal.


10- You will not covet. 

Applied to national guidance, this Commandment obligates everybody not to worship “equality” and not to push for redistribution of wealth to reach monetary, power, racial, gender, … equality. And that is what the US Constitution does not let the government do. 

By legislating “equality,” our government violates the US Constitution.



Fighting antisemitism in the right way, and that is not how we fight it now 


Fighting antisemitism in the right way,

and that is not how we fight it now 

The right way is a Judeo-Christian way – by teaching in schools and colleges the true history of Jewish Nation in shaping Judeo-Christian Western Civilization.    

And we are fighting the wrong way – by criminalizing antisemite’s sincere but false beliefs.


All world civilizations, including our own Western civilization, are unique in their civilizational virtues, and each of them has fundamental virtues (morals) without which a civilization stops existing.  

The virtues of Western civilization are rooted in the virtues of Judaism, and here is the history of these roots.  


The virtues of Western civilization had been crystalized at Mount Sinai with Moses, the Ten Commandments, the Torah and most importantly – “in the image and likeness of God.” It happened about three and a half millenniums ago. 

For those who have not known this yet, the following is a step-by-step explanation. 

The Torah clearly define this image as the unique individual of unique creative nature who uniquely creates the GOOD and prevents the BAD as He defines that.  

That means all humans are created with the genetic ability to be unique creative individuals, such as for example a unique farmer or a unique physicist, with the genetic ability as well to distinguish between Good and Bad.  

Before this momentous event at Mount Sinai, the humans believed they must have for survival own gods and tsars.  

The first step toward Western civilization was made, as well as the first step toward hating the tribe, the future Jewish nation, – the hate that in the future would be named the antisemitism. Why it is so understandable – the people fear any changes in their lives – they need time to understand and adjust for better. 


About a half dozen Jewish communities were competing peacefully on creating their own individual understanding of “in the image and likeness of God,” including one community led by the future Jesus Christ trying to tailor “in the image and likeness of God” to traditions and lifestyle of non-Jewish communities. 

Such competition had built up a tradition of learning, debating, competing, and loving new discoveries in all spheres of human life – in nature sciences, in economics, in finances, in technologies, etc.  

The Jews were different, they cherished their unique connection to God, and they did not want to “join the crowd,” and therefore the antisemitism persisted. 


The life in exile, mostly in Europe, where the Jews were a tiny minority was very encouraging for “joining the crowd” and European Christian kingdoms were encouraging the Jews to convert to Christianity. Some converted but the majority preferred to remain living by their unique understanding of “in the image and likeness of God.” 

Exiles, pogroms, false satanic accusations, hardship – all that what is called nowadays antisemitism – were strengthening. But the Jews remained in Europe as a reminder of individual freedoms “in the image and likeness of God.” Inside the Jewish nation, they had numerous competing spiritual communities who tailored “in the image and likeness of God” in their own unique ways.  

For many centuries, the Jews were the only “individual freedoms’ reminder” until Christianity itself had begun splitting into their own competing “individual freedoms” communities. 



The Jews and Christians have been shaping Western civilization with democratic institutions strengthening the individual freedoms in individual competitive way – although many have not realized it, “in the image and likeness of God.” 

This shaping involved all human activities with active and sometimes critical Jewish participation with antisemitic resistance of those who hate individual responsibilities that are coming with individual freedoms.  

Some visible but false antisemitic-resistance beliefs are listed below. 

That is true, the Jews created these institutions. They created these institutions by introducing the loaning money with percentage-plus return that was considered a sin in Christianity. But such “sinning” had let everybody, Jews and Christians, accumulate investment money that was used for building the best Western-civilization economy that benefits everybody, including the antisemites.  


That is true, the Jews support the State of Israel. But this support is not corruptive. In the Middle East region, only Israel is a nation of Judeo-Christian morality of individual freedoms “in the image and likeness of God.” That means supporting Israel is strengthening American strategic positions in this region.  

That is true, the Jews support the Dems much more than they support the Republicans. But the Jews support not a totalitarian Democrat’s government – many of them have been brainwashed by the Dems’ slogan of helping the disadvantaged and such moral virtue is particularly important in Judaism. And the Republicans failed to underscore that they are as well for helping the disadvantaged but in a much better way.  

The Republicans are trying to help the disadvantaged by developing work opportunities for them while the Dems are enslaving the disadvantaged by providing them with welfare. 



And we must remember we are discussing the virtues of the entire nation with a clear understanding that there are ‘bad apples’ in any nation. 

Human rights as the tool for building a democratic totalitarianism 

Strange but true: Human rights are the tool for building a democratic totalitarianism. 

After seeing this title, a reasonable reader would most probably ask the following questions.  

@ I thought Human rights are a part of Judeo-Christian morals and individual liberties – why not?  

@ OK, if you say they are not, what could be wrong with Human rights in themselves? 

@ And how can a human-rights-rooted democracy lead to totalitarianism?  

Let us address these questions.  

Why Human rights are not a part of Judeo-Christian morals and individual liberties?

At the core of American Judeo-Christian morals are individual freedoms ‘in the name and likeness of God’ (or in the name of something else that may please unbelievers). 

Individual rights come with individual social responsibilities. Therefore, in a free society, and America was founded as such, everybody takes only those rights whose responsibilities he/she can handle – in family, in community, in all spheres of life – no less and no more.  

That is why in a free society the people are unequal in their rights balanced with responsibilities – some can take more, and some are able to take just a little.


OK, let us take it as given. But what could be wrong with Human rights in themselves?

The giver and enforcer of Human rights is the government itself, and it assigns the rights without corresponding social responsibilities – with only one political requirement to obey government orders. 

For example, human rights for one-sex family, for affirmative action and school bussing, for woke-ism education, or for public Bible education … without securing human rights of others to fight all that.   

Human rights by the government mean ruining the individual freedoms of others. 

Human rights by the government mean treating all as equal slave-subordinates.

How can a noble democracy lead to totalitarianism?  

It is simple. Through the corrupted mass news-media which are thriving on money received from the government-supported corrupted monopolies, the government brainwashes the citizens to believe that all rights and happiness are coming from the totalitarian government, and only way to secure all that is to democratically vote for such a government.  


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