America’s survival fight: religion-based moral behavior against government-forced ‘morality’ order 

America’s survival fight: religion-based moral behavior against government-forced ‘morality’ order

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What is religion-based moral behavior? 

Religions define a culture’s behaviors, morals, and customs, affecting all walks of life – music, art, family, marriage, education, funerals, holidays, etc. Religions define what is Good in life and should be supported, and what is Bad and should be fought against.  

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A nation consists of various communities with their own unique behavior virtues rooted historically in their unique religious denominational virtues, and those virtues are lived by both modern religious and non-religious, and America is no exception.

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Religious institutions are guardians of morality – not morality creators.  

A national government, the Feds, is managing the communal behavioral differences to secure national unity and cohesiveness.  

In the historic past, the Feds in America successfully managed the differences but not anymore – now America is in a complete mess.
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Why? – We find an answer in the history of other successful nations.   

Among successful nations are Switzerland, UK, Germany, India …  

Each of them is a union of internally independent entities: Cantons in Switzerland (24), Countries in UK (4), Federated States in Germany (16), States and territories in India (28+8). In these nations, the Federal Government governs only what the internally independent entities delegate, and the Feds in all successful nations do not legislate anything related to religion-based moral behavior in their independent entities.

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Among unsuccessful nations are Russia and many countries of Africa.  

The Feds in these nations have usurped the internal powers of all domestic entities and have suppressed all local religion-morality behavior with freshly baked new totalitarian morality orders. 

These orders are numerous such as for example human rights, minority rights, gender rights, equality rights … and all these rights are superior to traditional religion-based moral behavior virtues.

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American Founding Fathers knew the history and assumed this might happen again in this new nation – that is why the American Constitution was designed for limited power of the Feds – all internal powers were given to the States.  

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We violated the US Constitution, and now we are in a ruinous mess.
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What to do? – Return all domestic powers to the States, let them manage their own religion-based moral behavior.  

How to do this? – We may begin by electing Congress and the White House from those who understand all that and have ideas on how to achieve it.

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Judeo-Christian America and her domestic enemies: irreconcilable differences

That is true: Judeo-Christian America itself created domestic enemies with irreconcilable differences. 

And Judeo-Christian America at fault herself – she has let her own government procreate a new breed of Americans who are hostile to Traditional America and forcefully trying to convert Judeo-Christian America to an America of their totalitarian dreams. 

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Major misconceptions led us to this sad situation.  

We wrongly believed that people of the entire world were dreaming of coming to America to cherish individual freedoms along the lines of the Ten Commandments and make their own life without totalitarian oppression that was in old countries.

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However, that is not true. Process of transforming humanity from paganism to unifying morality of the Ten Commandments (with different names in many Asian countries) that began over three millenniums ago on the Mount Sinai is still underway. And those who are not transformed yet are coming here believing in a good caring totalitarian government with free food, housing, medicine, etc. Also, they are coming here with their own rival traditions on family, women, gender, education, community, religion, crime, … and much more.

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We wrongly believed that the policies of affirmative action, public housing, school bussing, and welfare may help the slave descenders recognize the greatness of Judeo-Christian America. 

However, it looks like a great many of them hate America. 

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We wrongly believed that the government is using almost unrestricted taxation wisely along the line of Judeo-Christian virtues.  

However, that is not true. When the government gets totalitarian powers, it cannot reverse itself – solidifying its power becomes the goal. 

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We wrongly believed that our ‘melting pot’ can finally create a homogeneous society. 

However, that is not true. There is no human ‘melting pot’ able to change what was in development for millenniums. 

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We wrongly believed that our way of life is so attractive for the entire world that when we overthrow a dictatorship somewhere the people of this country will immediately mimic our way of life.  

However, that is not true. All nations are unique in their traditions, and they hate and fight those who are globalizing the entire world and forcing them to live by foreign-to-them virtues. 

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We wrongly believed that one of the two political parties, if elected to govern, fixes all our problems.  

However, that is not true anymore. Both political parties created our problems, and the only solution is to elect from both parties and independents those who support as the solution the reshaping the government to a small, limited, unintrusive one leaving all moral issues (family, women, gender, education, charity … and much more) to an individual, family, and community.  



The truth and falsehood in the fight for future America 

In the fight for our America, American Judeo-Christian majority should recognize falsehood rival’s assertions since the falsehood assertions are the powerful weaponry of our rivals. 

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Let us separate the truth from the falsehood spread by our rivals in news media, education, and slogans.  

# The truth is that American Judeo-Christian morality is founding national governing morality – morality of individual freedoms that is rooted in the Ten Commandments and instructs the nation on what is GOOD and should be protected and what is BAD and should be restricted by the legislative actions.

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The truth is that by legislating its own morality, government creates more hate and then creates “Hate crimes” laws that make hate worse. 

The false assertion is that American Judeo-Christian morality violates the State-Church separation by US Constitution.  

# The truth is that an almighty totalitarian government cannot create moral justice for the nation since moral national justice has been shaped for centuries and strengthened by the dominate religion. 

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The truth is that the government’s ‘moral justice’ aims at solidifying its own power and amassing its own wealth. 

The false assertion is that social justice (not criminal) is created by an almighty totalitarian government and such a government’s utmost goal is helping ordinary citizens.  

# The truth is that an almighty totalitarian government reaches its goals by making the life of ordinary citizens worse morally, economically, and then deceivingly promising to work hard to improve it.

The truth is that such a government’s design is to make the overwhelming majority dependent on government support.  

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The false assertion is that an almighty totalitarian government’s goal is to make the majority’s life better.  

# The truth is that a threat to true democracy is delegitimizing the people’s election choice by judicial manipulations – an elected official should be removed only by his electorate.

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The false assertion is that the US Constitution allows unelected judges to overpower the electorate choice.  

# The truth is that American totalitarianism supports the world globalization for expanding its power to the entire world through imposing on other nations the ‘American way of life’ and suppressing other nations’ unique traditional morality.  

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The false assertion is that globalization helps ordinary citizens of less fortunate nations to make their life easier. 

The falsehood of global climate change and coronavirus threats is a tool for strengthening global totalitarianism – climate and infectious diseases are changing from the very beginning and nations have been dealing with it not as threats but as challenges to be addressed locally in the private sector by innovative solutions.   

# The truth is that President Trump is being dehumanized and criminalized from the very beginning by all Democrats and some Republicans for making Americans clearly understood true totalitarians’ goals and for his actions against American totalitarianism. 

The false assertion is that killing Trump socially and politically would make ‘our democracy’ nice again. 

And the truth is that Judeo-Christian America will be able to win only after delivering these truths to everybody.  

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History of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia is a warning for nowadays America 

History of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia is a warning for nowadays America, and if we do not understand it, we may repeat it.

     *Germany and Russia as nations of traditional virtues before WWI* 

Before WWI, Germany and Russia were nations with traditional virtues and the absolute majority lived by them. Those virtues were the Bible guided virtues in Russian Orthodox Church interpretation (for Russians) and in Protestant Church interpretation (for Germans). Individual liberties were not among those virtues, but honorable wars were. Both nations were building good economies and the wellbeing of the citizens was on the rise.

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     *Spiritual and economic collapse in Germany and Russia after WWI*  

Virtue of honorable wars made Germany and Russia the fathers of WWI where they were defeated with following spiritual and economic collapse in both nations.  

Spiritual permissiveness (open corruption, prostitution, homosexualism, personal insecurity, no-virtue education …) and economic hardship (unstoppable inflation, lack of jobs, reparations …) made the citizens desperate for finding a political power that would be able to stop the collapse and begin restoration of traditional virtues. 

Nazis and Communists were seen as only political powers the people were desperately searching for. Political powers of various social-democratic colors were perceived as unable for decisive immediate actions. 

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Bread, we are Starving! Is Cry heard throughout Russia after WWI
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The Physical and Cultural Destruction of Germany after WWI

     *Nazis and Communists as only hopeful ‘saviors’ of traditional virtues of Germans and Russians*  

In Germany, two brutal forces, Nazis and Communists, were perceived at the time as the only ‘saviors,’ and Nazis won.  

The Nazis won because they promised, and delivered, what Germans needed desperately – Life by traditional virtues. By the Nazis, impermissible behaviors were forbidden and criminalized, the economy flourished, inflation no more, new highways and affordable family cars were appreciated by everybody, etc.  

The Communists lost because they were promising the heavenly-Marxist world order with ‘happiness and equality’ for everybody that Germans could not understand.  

In Russia, Communist were only one brutal force, and they won. 

The Communists won because they appealed to the virtues of ordinary Russians – love for a strong national power which can be blamed for all personal misfortunes cased mostly by traditional personal misbehaviors.  

The Communists did not promise economic revival and making the people more prosperous. They promised redistribution of wealth from those who make it to those who support them, and they delivered.

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     *Brutal transformation of German/Russian traditional virtues to Nazi/Communist supremacist orders*  

But the utmost goal of Nazis and Communists was the same – to be the only supreme power over the entire world.  

In pursuing this goal in 1930-1940, Hitler captured most of Europe and Stalin extended his power to the eastern Europe (Poland, Bessarabia, Latvia, Estonia, Litva) and tried unsuccessfully to enlarge his lands to the far east (Japan, China) and north-west (Finland).  

Historic unique virtues of the captured nations were forcefully substituted by Nazi/Communist orders.

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     *Earthy ruthless Hitler-God and Stalin-God replaced the Heavenly God* 

Inside Germany and Russia, each nation was divided into two rival camps – those who unquestionably followed the orders of Hitler/Stalin-God and those who did not.  

Those who did not follow the orders, among them many religious leaders, were ‘relocated’ to concentration and labor camps. 

GESTAPO in Nazi Germany and KGB in Communist Russia were monitoring everybody’s behaviors and severely punishing for any deviation from the Supreme’s orders.  

Then, the unavoidable happened – a war between the two supremacists, Nazis and Communists that was transformed into WWII. This war crushed the Nazi’s regime as a global threat and laid out a foundation for future demise of the Communist Russia, USSR, (Churchill’s Fulton speech). 

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GESTAPO concentration camps in Germany
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KGB labor camps in Soviet Russia

     *Western World as crusher of Nazi/Communist supremacist orders during and after WWII* 

Western World (mostly USA, UK, Canada) won because her citizens were defending the life by their Judeo-Christian virtues rooted in the Ten Commandments, the life of individual liberties. 

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     *What America had to learn from the history of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia but has not*  

The recent history tells us that the following things will most probably lead to public desperation and pave the way for supremacist’s regimes (Nazi, Communist or something else), and no democratic nation is immune from it:  

  • Ruining traditional virtues 
  • Falling economic wellbeing   
  • Neglecting God as the source of human eternity and happiness, and guidance on how to make it 
  • Splitting a nation into rival camps 
  • Remaking other nations in ‘our own image’ – not in the image of God 
  • Directing intelligence organizations to spy on own citizens
All those things are clearly seen in present-day America, and that is a prescription for repeating history.  

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Without Bible-guided nation identity, no elections can prevent totalitarianism 

Latest American elections will not bring civil peace and true democracy to this nation – elections without the guidance of Judeo-Christian virtues cannot prevent totalitarianism. 

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America was created as a nation of Judeo-Christian morality, morality of the Ten Commandments, morality of individual freedoms (for those who understand it, in the name and likeness of God), morality of not doing to the others of what we do not want to be done to us.  

Religion was moral authority, not a legal governing power, and the US Constitution affirmed it. 

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This morality was unifying for all natives and newcomers of the nation who cherish individual freedoms and happiness built up by their own efforts. 

Of course, it was not like the life in Heavens. Individuals and communities (black, white, catholic, protestant, Jewish, Indian, Asian, Marxist …) were testing the boundaries of their freedom (sometimes violently) and various kinds of hate existed.  

But finally, the all-nation virtues on what is GOOD and what is BAD (Judeo-Christian virtues) were shaped up. Various individuals and communities learned to live in peace with each other, and the government power was used mostly to defend and protect traditions of individuals and communities. The government was not imposing on its citizens ‘virtues” hostile to them (and not enriching themselves). 

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WWII gave the government an enormous power that was necessary to defeat Nazi Germany (the Third Reich) and be prepared for a war with Communist Russia (the Soviet Union).  

An almighty government was born, and this government began amassing its power farther by extending it to most spheres of the life of individuals and communities.  

Tragically, we the people did not realize in a timely manner that an almighty government if it is created has the prime goal of amassing its power. An almighty government suppresses any threat to its power by making such suppression legal.

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Preserving power requires money, and the almighty government makes money by a mandatory, non-competitive system of taxation and money-related regulation. Money made in a not competitive free-market system leads to corruption. The work in government is becoming the money-making business for those who tax and regulate.  

As in any business, customer-voters are attracted by money – by redistributing the wealth from those who make it to potential customer–voters. 

Such wealth redistribution should be accepted by the voting public as morally justified, and the justification required denigration of nation’s Judeo-Christian morality, the morality of individual freedoms and restricted government.  

It was done by substituting ‘In God We Trust’ by ‘In Government We Trust.’   

We should not blame the government for this substitution because that is its prime task – to instill in the citizens ‘In Government We Trust.’ The more we trust in the government, the more we let the government curtail our individual freedoms, control our money, and become the supreme.  
We should blame American political leaders who were fighting for a presumed ‘more caring,’ more ‘human rights’ protective, more society ‘equalizing’ but still authoritative government instead of fighting against any such government. We should blame them because many of them are fighting for their own power, not for us the people. 
We should blame American news media which became supporter of the totalitarian government in exchange for ‘our unique sources,’ and taxation privileges. Newmedia great writers cannot strangely enough recognize what election fight our nation is in nowadays. That is not a fight between the two political parties – Democrats and Republicans. That is a fight between two futures of America – America of servitude democracy with Obama as the spiritual leader, and America of liberty democracy with Trump as a spiritual leader. Unindoctrinated people in both political parties are present in both camps – Republicans are more in the Trump’s camp, and Democrats in the Obama’s. My guess is Newmedia great writers understand all that but acknowledge that would ruin their careers which were built on finding kompromat on high level personalities of both parties.   
And we should blame our religious leaders whose spiritual duty is to defend and protect ‘In God We Trust’ in all people’s endeavors. But the religious leaders neglected defense and protection of ‘in God we Trust’ in the social and political endeavors. Many of them were publicly silent when traditional Judeo-Christian virtues were ruined – virtues of family, gender, education, abortion, helping less fortunate, caring for nature, democratic elections, etc. 

The political hunt for customer-voters has split the nation into many groups fighting for a piece of redistributed wealth (freebies). 

Those groups are numerous: blacks, LGBTQ, students, women, less prosperous, immigrants, disadvantaged, elderly, small businesses, climate defenders, wanting a better housing, believed to be discriminated, etc. Their wellbeing depends on redistribution of wealth and therefore on the almighty government.  

Those groups are fighting each other, and there is no way to find a peaceful national compromise that may satisfy the majority. Therefore, the government must subdue one half-nation to pacify another half.  

Thus, if voters who ‘Trust in Government’ win, they will treat those who ‘Trust in God’ as ‘infidels’ to the Almighty Government – will tax ‘infidels’ to the roof and punish them for disagreeing. Totalitarianism will be in force for many years to come. 

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And if voters who ‘Trust in God’ win, they begin restoring the nation Judeo-Christian morality that would unfortunately require restricting for some time the freedoms of those who ‘Trust in Government.’ 

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If the totalitarian options do not work, a hot civil war is unavoidable with an unforeseeable future.  



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