Sovietizing of America is underway – how to act to stop it 

<<< Sovietizing of America is underway – how to act to stop it >>> 

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The facts presented in the analysis at the following link convinced the overwhelming readers’ majority that is not the myth – America’s Sovietizing is underway:  


The Sovietizing means allowing the government to become so big and intrusive that the freedoms of any actions are transferred from the individual to the totalitarian government. Everything is directed by the totalitarian government: how you get kids and educate them; how to hire and fire; how to provide health services; whom to name poor or rich; whom to tax more or less; whom to reward/punish spiritually or financially, etc.  

And it is the Sovietizing of American federal government done with the help of two our political parties. 

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The readers in disbelief may go to the following link to see the enormous totalitarian-size of our federal government: 

 List of Government Agencies and Federal Departments (einvestigator.com) 

Most of what the federal government is doing now should be transferred back to the individuals, private businesses, charity organizations, and the states where it will be done much better – less money will be wasted, and more Judeo-Christian morality guidance will be provided – precisely as it is prescribed by the US Constitution. 

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Article IV of the US Constitution – The States. This article defines the relationship between the states and the federal government.  

The federal government guarantees a republican form of government in each state, protects the nation and the people from foreign or domestic violence, and determines how new states can join the Union. It also suggests that all the states are equal to each other and should respect each other’s laws and the judicial decisions made by other state court systems. 

Thus, the states are obligated constitutionally to assign to the nowadays federal government only one fundamental task – protecting all citizens from foreign and domestic violence.  

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However, the federal government with the urge to become a totalitarian one (such urge is natural for any government) extended its powers and imposed on the states and their citizens the one-size-fit-all regulations what the US Constitution prohibits. They are the one-size-fit-all regulations on social justice, human rights, immigration, equality, hate, family, minimal wages, health, free ‘goodies,’ affirmative action, school bussing, housing, … and much-much more!  

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The countless government entities have been created to monitor and enforce the unconstitutional government regulations with the annual cost for every citizen of about $10,000 in taxes and $90,000 in the national debt (to be paid soon by our children).  

So, how to act to stop it?  

Let us begin with supporting in the 2022 and 2024 elections only those who pledge if elected to begin the process of transferring all powers of the federal government, except needed for “protecting the nation and the people from foreign and domestic violence,” back to the individuals, private businesses, charity organizations, and the states.

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When it is done, it would not only restore our individual freedoms and responsibilities but also make us much richer. 

The first step must be changing the immigration regulations – we should not take in those who claim they are oppressed.  

The USA should not let get in just the oppressed – we should take only the oppressed immigrants who love and can live by the American national Judeo-Christian morality of individual freedoms and responsibilities.  

The peoples are oppressed by suppression of their own virtues/tradition/morality, and they want to escape the oppression to restore the life by their native lifestyle. What we in the USA have not realized yet that the oppressed individuals want to find a place where they could live by their own lifestyle. The oppressed Muslims are looking for a place where they can live by Shariat laws, the oppressed Caucasians – by their clannish laws, the oppressed Africans – by their tribal laws, etc. All those “oppressed lifestyles” are hostile to our own national Judeo-Christian morality that leads to the national disturbances and civil wars. That is what we are observing nowadays in the USA. Of course, among all those oppressed there are morality dissidents who are dreaming to live by our American morality of individual freedoms and responsibilities, and these are the people we should take.  

The federal government of Judeo-Christian morality might be just one quarter of the size of the current totalitarian government. 

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Resurrection of the extinct Soviet Union in the modern America 

Resurrection of the extinct Soviet Union in the modern America 


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First, let me begin with responding to the readers who honestly believe that the reactionary right-wing conservatives fund my Blog to ruin “our democracy.”  

That is my response to one of those readers: 

“Dear Marri, I am happy to answer your question on who is funding me. I am funding myself from my retirement savings. Why? Because I came to this country from the defunct Soviet Union over 40 years ago to provide for my children the life by Bible-guided morality without government-imposed slavery as was there. Now I see with horror that the defunct Soviet Union is resurrecting in America. And I am trying to prevent it using my own money, and I believe the citizens of Judeo-Christian America should do so as well.” 

Next, let me clarify the crucial difference between the extinct Soviet Union and the modern USA, and that is not, as many think, “our democracy” vs their “non-democracy.”  

The true democracy is rooted in the individual freedoms and responsibilities in creating the good life for yourself, your family and community, and the government is freely elected for removing the obstacles in your way.  

The false democracy is rooted in the belief that the government should create a good life for everybody, and the citizens should delegate their freedoms and responsibilities to the government that “must deliver” and the citizens freely elect such government.   

In the last century, the German majority freely elected Hitler, and the Russian majority freely elected Stalin, and the Chines’ majority freely elected Mao in hope for the good life provided by their governments, and we know the resulted devastation.  

Why the good-life’s delivery by the government results in the not-good life and citizens’ disappointment both moral and economic? It is so because the government’s services are too expensive and morally devastating for many.  

The government is too expensive in delivering the “good life” because it spends most of the taxation money to pay the government enormous bureaucracy (2-3 times over the ordinary people’s payments) that has been created to absolves the government from any personal responsibility.     

The free-market private sector can do it significantly less expensive, and an example of that a reader may find in the link below:  

It’s quite a country when Mark Cuban, not Congress, will give Americans cheaper prescription drugs (msn.com) 

The government is morally devastating for many because it forces the diversified population – diversified by history, tradition, religion, virtues, genetics … – to follow the government-imposed uniformed hostile norms such for example as universal abortion rules, universal education, universal minimum salary, universal crime/punishment rules, universal justice …  

The nation of the individual freedoms and responsibilities is not morally devastating to anybody because each family and community live by their own traditions and virtues guided by the morality of the Ten Commandments that respects the morality and virtues of the others.  

13 significant protests that changed the course of history | Live Science  

And now some historic facts 

Resurrection of Soviet distortion of the history 

In modern America, all memories of the 15-21 centuries of American history such as historic monuments of the first-commers and nation’s founders, some paintings deemed insensitive, religious articles in public arena, library books are being removed to murder the historic memory and pave the way for a new totalitarian America.  

In the extinct Soviet Union, all memories of the millennium long Russin history such as monuments, art items, library books, religious articles in public arena were wiped out and replaced the new ones proclaiming that everything of the past was evil, oppressive, dividing, racial …   

‘Why don’t we teach American history anymore?’ – Washington Times 

In modern America, and that is just one of many examples, Twitter has suspended the account of Marina Medvin, who represents January 6 defendants, from the platform, giving no reason as to why. Medvin received a notice from Twitter censors that her “account has been locked.” But there was no way to appeal, or even to know the reason for the ban. Twitter and many other news-media organizations that were created to protect the First Amendment (Freedom of speech) but instead serve the government that repays the censorship by favorable legislation and taxation.  

In the extinct Soviet Union, GLAVLIT was the government censor that was banning 

all publications judged to be against the government interests with no appeal allowed.  

A reader in disbelief may continue reading at this link: 

Who Is Fact Checking The Media Fact Checkers? (investors.com) 

Resurrection of Soviet approach in pursuing the world peace 

In the modern America, the government is fighting for the world peace by imposing on the other countries the governing by the “our democracy.”  

In the extinct Soviet Union, the government was fighting for the world peace in the same way – by forcefully installing in other countries the governments of “their (Marxist) democracy.”   

Resurrection of Soviet hate for the religious morality  

In the modern America, the government believes that the Judeo-Christian morality in governing is a sort of “opium for the people.” 

In the extinct Soviet Union, the government’s official slogan was “the religion is opium for the people.”  

Resurrection of Soviet education by indoctrination 

Jordan Peterson: Why I am no longer a tenured professor at the University of Toronto | National Post  

That is a scientific analysis by Distinguished Professor of University Toronto on how the modern democratic/socialist (that is totalitarian) government ruin the society through mandatory indoctrination in education – indoctrination to strengthen the power of the government, not the power of the people –indoctrination to induce the new generations obeying the government, not controlling it. 


What to do with the two uncompromisingly hostile Americas

What to do with the two uncompromisingly hostile Americas 

The post “Obama and Trump: two uncompromisingly hostile Americas” in this Blog has attracted attention of many and induced them to think about what to do with the declining state of both American governing and national morality.  

Obama and Trump: two uncompromisingly hostile Americas  ⋆ Intellectual Judaism – it is about Judeo-Christian morality of the Nation! (intellectual0judaism0really.com) 

The readers of “America in the image of Trump” understand the facts that are proving the current American federal government has stopped working for its citizens. These readers realize that nowadays the two democratically hostile parts of the government are fighting each other and suppressing us, the people (with the aggressive Democrats and fearful Republicans). The readers of “America in the image of Obama” are irritated and express their love for the government care at the price of individual freedoms. 

When Obama/Biden and the ruling totalitarians say, ‘our democracy in in danger,’ and designate Trump to be the chief enemy of ‘our democracy,’ they are trying to hide their stealth undercover actions aimed at ruining the true American Judeo-Christian democracy of individual freedoms and installing their Marxist-style oppressive democracy. 


So, what to do – what to do short of a civil war? That is what the Judeo-Christian America may do. 

Elect to the US Congress and the Presidency those who do not promise everything to everybody but pledge, if elected to do immediately the following:  

  • Identify and stop implementation of the laws that seriously restrict the individual freedoms of American citizens (in family, at work, in public actions, in politics, in freedom of expression, in religion …) 
  • Reorganize the work of major government departments (Dep. of Defense, Dep. Of State, Dep. Of Justice, FBI, Intelligence) to make sure that their actions do not seriously restrict the individual freedoms of American citizens  
  • Stop the government from balancing the budget by borrowing money because such borrowing is impoverishing our children and grandchildren (they will pay for our enormous debt)  
  • Create special military units for defending the nation from the domestic enemies as well.   





Obama and Trump: two uncompromisingly hostile Americas 

Yes, Obama and Trump represent two uncompromisingly hostile Americas, and we must figure out what to do.   

This is not about the personalities and politics of former US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. 


This is about the images of the two uncompromisingly hostile Americas that these names represent – the two uncompromisingly hostile Americas that exist under the cover of the same US Constitution and same system of government. 

The image of Barak H Obama stands for the totalitarian America where the federal government is forcing all diversified (religiously, racially, socially, historically) American communities to follow government-legislated set of national ‘virtues’ – same for everybody! This government-legislated morality is hostile to everybody but the government. The morality of this America is a mixture of Marxist goals and Strict Islamic enforcement. The economic model of this America is the forced redistribution of wealth from whose who made it to those who demand it.  

The image of Donald J Trump stands for the America of individual rights and responsibilities where the federal government is protecting all diversified American communities from those who try to eliminate the unique communal virtues. The morality of this America is rooted in the Bible-guided applications of the Ten Commandments. The economic model of this America is protecting the creative work of all individuals and communities who make their own wealth and use it for helping the less fortunate. 

Pilgrims departing on Mayflower

    The Judeo-Christian America (unified under the image of Donald J Trump) has not understood yet that while it is searching for a governing consensus with the Totalitarian America (unified under the image of Barack H Obama), the Totalitarian America is searching for the ways of murdering the Judeo-Christian America by false-democratic and not-democratic means.  

Instead of looking for political consensus among major competing forces, as in the Western democracies must be, the Totalitarian America is doing what the non-Western totalitarian non-democratic governments are doing.   

Impeaching the political opponents and criminalizing their actions 

Leaders of the Totalitarian America in US Congress were impeaching US President Donald Trump and by implication all Americans who voted for him and support him – instead of searching for the roots of anger of the Bible-guided Americans. 

The same Totalitarian leaders treat the actions of the Americans who came to the US Congress on January 6, 2021, to protest the totalitarianism as criminal behavior – instead of talking with them to figure out the roots of anger of the Americans who cherish individual liberties.  

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Modifying the election rules to increase pro-totalitarian votes 

The Founders created the election rules that secured the voting power of those who created and defended this nation and had the personal stake in preserving all that (the Bible-guided principles of individual liberties).  

The Totalitarians are changing these rules to reduce the voting power of the Founders’ followers and increase the voting power of those who love the totalitarian-government ‘goodies.’ 


Suppressing the free speech of political opponents 

The Totalitarians are suppressing the free speech of political opponents by creating the categories of speech punishable by the law such as ‘hate speech’ or ‘false-fact speech’ or ‘incitement speech’ or ‘policy-speech in churches.’ 

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 Using the Intelligence and Judiciary for intimidating the opponents  

Just one example of many: FBI falsified the ‘secret information’ to impeach President Donald Trump, and DOJ has made this falsification’s investigation the eternal one.   

See the source image

Organizing the local uprisings for destabilizing the society 

Just one example of many: the well-known George-Floyd uprising! 


Reducing the power of the States in violation of the US Constitution 

The USA was established with the limited federal governing powers providing most of the governing powers to the States. The federal government was supposed to have only the powers allowed by the States. However, the federal-government’s totalitarians usurped the States’ powers … as the totalitarians are always doing. 


The main political arm of the Totalitarian America is the Democrat Party

while most of the Republican Party support the Bible-guided America,

America of individual rights and responsibilities.   

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Judaism and Christianity should guide the citizens to build the God’s world here – not in the Heavens

Yes, that is true – Judaism and Christianity should guide the citizens to build the God’s world here – not in the Heavens, and that is true for the religious people and atheists. 

See the source image

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<Some thoughts related to this topic were presented in my response to a good Rabbi who sees the religiousness mostly in Loving God, Prayers and Studies, and in Preparing for the Heavens.>   
















I see from my position of a true Jew (as I understand it) and a scientist (who I am by profession), that the most challenging problem for the Rabbis nowadays is the adjustment to the historic societal change.  

From the times of Abraham and Isaac until 18th century, most Jews (and Christians from the 2nd CE) received their education in the religious schools where the Rabbis (and Priests) were only source of the knowledge of the God’s world creation and operation. That is why the Rabbis’ interpretation of the Torah in the Talmud was not contested, and therefore the Rabbis acted not as the teachers but as the preachers.  














(A reminder – the teachers are teaching the students how to apply the basic laws to constantly changing individual life circumstances while the preachers are indoctrinating the students on the must to do the same neglecting the constantly changing world.) 

In the modern world the Jews (and Christians) are challenging the Rabbis-preachers (Priests-preachers). They challenge them – some vocally, and some silently.  

In the modern world the Rabbis (and Priests) are challenged because the Jews (and Christians) have extensive non-religious education on how our material world works and have extensive non-religious, anti-Bible indoctrination on government-imposed morality and social virtues.  

In the modern world, the true Bible-guided morality and social virtues are suppressed by the false interpretation of Constitutional Church-State separation.  

Because the Bible-guided morality and social virtues are the foundation of the individual freedoms and the peaceful competition among remarkably diverse national religious and secular communities, the individual freedoms are suppressed, and the competition becomes violent.  

The Rabbis (and Priests) must get involved and help in saving the Judeo-Christian America. They must teach in religious education the true Bible-guide public social morality that disavows the government indoctrination. The Rabbis (and Priests) should become the true teachers – not in the name only.  

The Jewish religious education should include the following: 


@ The application of the God-given Ten Commandments to constantly changing public-life circumstances,  

@ The Individual Freedoms in the image and likeness of God the Creator,  

@ The God-guided tasks of the Chosen People for making the world a better place for everybody, and making it in collaboration with everybody,  

@ The public Torah-guided actions of making the world a better place, of course in addition to the studies and prayers,  

@ The Christianity as an application of the Torah guidance to the non-Jewish people,  

@ The people of Judaism as the older brothers of the people of Christianity,  

@ The Ten-Commandments morality of the economics – from the ancient times to the economics of Western Judeo-Christian world,  

@ ………………… 

Judaism and Christianity should guide the people to build the God’s world in our nation – not in the Heavens.  

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