Judaism – True and Pagan

Yes, there is True Judaism and there is Pagan Judaism. And Pagan Judaism may exist in any of the current denominations of Judaism – orthodox, conservative, reform, or humanistic. 

Being Jewish is genetically imprinted in the Jewish souls

Those ten thoughts I have described in the post “Thoughts on Being Jewish – more intellectually, less traditionally” may find validation in the article by Caroline Glick “Our World: Is Israeli society unraveling?” (Jerusalem Post, 02/01/2012). In spite of wishful thinking of many in friendly and unfriendly countries of the world and even by someContinue reading “Being Jewish is genetically imprinted in the Jewish souls”

Thoughts on being Jewish – more intellectually, less traditionally

Thoughts on being Jewish? What thoughts? In the course of Jewish history the rabbis and other religious authorities had created so many definitions on Jewish identification that it looks like no new thoughts on being Jewish could be generated. 

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