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    • We must decide where we are going as a nation

      In America, we are marching, protesting, and burning down businesses

      In America, we are marching, protesting, and burning down businesses, demanding from the government everything what we believe is JUST. The more we demand, the more we are robbed by the government (through a myriad of sophisticated taxation gimmicks) to fund the new highly paid bureaucracies to allegedly deliver the JUSTICE to everybody.   Those who are demanding from the government the JUSTICE are terribly naïve, or misguided, or members of the anti-America troops.   Those who are demanding from the government the JUSTICE are creating the INJUSTICE.   Their demands for JUSTICE from the government justify the concealed work of the government aimed at enlarging itself and becoming the totalitarian one. And the chief goal of any totalitarian government is the absolute power over its citizens. That is the death of individual freedoms and free-market (socially and economically) society … and the death of the true prosperity.  

      Why cannot the government deliver the JUSTICE to everybody?  

      The big totalitarian government cannot deliver the justice to everybody because a free society (the society of individual freedoms) consists of numerous individual communities with different individual JUSTICE virtues – different on many crucial morality things such as human rights, equality, race, education, family, gender, violence, climate, etc.   When the government is limited only by the tasks of protecting and defending the individual communities from the enemies foreign and domestic (a small government) the individual communities create and enforce their own JUSTICE, and the JUSTICE for different communities is not the same: the communities of the Orthodox and Reform Jews, Catholics and Protestants, Muslims and Buddhists, Liberals and Conservatives have different justice systems.   But these differences should not lead to the hostile confrontation because the morality of the true freedom communities is rooted in the Bible-guided unifying Ten Commandments with the chief virtue of “do not do to the others what I do not want to be done to me.”   The different Bible-guided communities peacefully compete.  ------------------------------  The Jews in America at the beginning were exemplary in creating their own independent JUSTICE-based community in the relatively hostile antisemitic environment.   Without demanding any help from the government and without protesting and demonstrating, they created their own neighborhoods, colleges, schools, educational curriculums, businesses, rabbinical judicial system, etc. Of course, some Jews did not like it, but they understood there was no better community for them, and they adjusted. And the Jews peacefully competed with all other communities.   -----------------------------   
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