Judeo-Christian identiry USA

Judeo-Christian morality had made the USA the best country

The remedy for fighting the anti-Semitism is the teaching of Judeo-Cristian identity in all schools and universities of the USA that was created by the Founders and enshrined in the Constitution

Anti-Semitism: to fight it we must teach Judeo-Christian morality
US House overwhelmingly passes Holocaust education act aimed to fight anti-Semitism. The bipartisan bill allocates $10 million dollars for the expansion of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s education programming. However, that is not enough.
The only effective way to fight the anti-Semitism is to begin teaching in schools, colleges and in other public (and of course, religious) institutions the course on Judeo-Christian morality and its crucial role in creating the Western Civilization. Unfortunately, although major Jewish and Christian religious leaders understood it, they are afraid of it since it may force them to reexamine some of their cherished religious tenets.
Here are the major thoughts the teaching of the Judeo-Christian morality should be based upon – best of all, in the framework of teaching the US Constitution or the history of Western Civilization.

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