We must win in the civil war – there is no more space for retreating 

January 6′ public trial show in US Congress that resembling the infamous Soviet public trial shows of the 1930s is an unmistakable sign of nowadays American civil war. That is a civil war between us, Americans of Judeo-Christian civilization, and them, American unholy union of Big Government and Big Monopolies.  

American democracy is ruining the true democracy 

<<<Yes, that is true – American democracy is ruining the true democracy>>> At the core of the true democracy is the election of a government that protects the morality–guided public actions of its citizens.   In the USA, the public morality is Bible-guided Judeo-Christian morality.   At your home and in your community, you have theContinue reading “American democracy is ruining the true democracy “

I am made in the image of God – not in the image of my rabbi

The disagreements among Jews on almost everything is not something new – it has been always an important feature of Jewish character. From the very beginning, various Jewish groups were competing with each other for a “right way” of following the God’s guidance (codified in the Torah) in always challenging and changing life circumstances. DuringContinue reading “I am made in the image of God – not in the image of my rabbi”

Exodus, Jews, Judaism and Israel in the light of Brexit

The true meaning of Brexit is simple and powerful: that is a spiritual separation from the others to preserve and strengthen the own identity and moral foundation (own spirituality). For the nation of UK, it is like the Exodus for the Jews that let the Jewish nation solidify and further develop the Jewish unique identityContinue reading “Exodus, Jews, Judaism and Israel in the light of Brexit”

Judeo-Christian moral principles vs. “Social justice” ideology

In essence, the current US Presidential election battles are the battles for defending the country’s Judeo-Christian moral principles from the assault of “Social justice” warriors. If the “Social justice” warriors win, the injustice in our society will rise as is easily seen when the Judeo-Christian principles for family, equality and morality are compared with similarContinue reading “Judeo-Christian moral principles vs. “Social justice” ideology”

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