That is what confirms fascist, nazist, marxist, and even monarchial leaning of our ruling elite 


Tired High Theories: Reptilian Elite Ruling Class

Leaning to Fascism  

Fascism was established as a governing system when a national government which shall control only the public sector begins forcefully controlling the private sector. Fascism can come up even by democratic elections (as was in Italy, Germany, or Russia in early 1930s).  

The US ruling elite is moving the nation in this direction by increasing government power over the private sector – through ever-increasing and selective taxation, regulations, or intimidation. 

The Rule of Reason: Western Fascism vs. Islamofascism?

Leaning to Nazism 

Nazism was a fascism augmented by appointing one human group to be “holy” with other human groups laboring for the “holy.” Nazism was in the late 1930s and 1940s in Germany (until its capitulation) with the Aryan race being the “holy.” Marxism is also a kind of nazism with the poor laborers being “holy,” and the wealth of managers, bankers, creators, property owners to be expropriated and given back to laborers. Soviet Russia was a variety of Marxism/Nazism.  

The US ruling elite is moving the nation in this direction by transferring the wealth of many better-off to designated “holy” groups such as, for example, descendants of slaves (reparations under the cover of “historic sins”) or holders of student’s loans.

Holocaust denial is anti-Semitism hate speech. Facebook should ban it.

Leaning to Monarchy 

Monarchy was the absolute moral (and economic) power of one or a group over a nation’s population.  

Unfortunately, American ruling elite is moving the nation in this direction by legislating the national morals (on family, education, gender, race, equality, and so on).

Monarch_Logo_BW (1).png | Monarch, News cafe, Date night

Leaning to anti-democracy 

Democracy was a tool to inform potential monarchs who present themselves for this duty on how the people want a monarch to govern, what to encourage and discourage, what to do and not to do.  

The recent events related to transfer of Trump-to-Biden presidential powers demonstrate that the US ruling elite is moving the nation in anti-democratic direction by suppressing the people’s democratic choice by elite’s judicial manipulations. 

Surprising Anti-Democracy Quotes From US Founding Fathers

Leaning to falsification of slavery history 

Slavery was a historic step in advancing national economies – not as a violation of time’s norms and traditions but in accordance with them. In ancient Israel, the slavery was in the form of seven-year contract of performing all orders of an owner, after which a slave was freed and rewarded to let him begin the life on his own. In the Roman Empire, slavery was much harder – with chains and killings.  

In the US, slavery was a transition from the old slavery-based economy to a new free-market/labor economy.  

However, American ruling elite distorts our history to split the nation and strengthen its power.  

First enslaved Africans arrive in Jamestown, setting the stage for ...

Leaning to falsification of white supremacism  

What some call now “white supremacism” was the recognition of marvels of European Civilization by the people who created it after they discovered other civilizations in the world. Europeans who were mostly white people felt their civilization is supreme – for them – over newly discovered civilizations. It was the supremacy of human creation – not the supremacy of the white human race. However, American ruling elite presents this supremacy as racial one, again to split the nation and strengthen its power. 

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