Trump-ists as defenders of Western Judeo-Christian civilization and Obam/Biden-ists as builders of Islami-Marxist world 

Just facts: Moral fundamentals of Islami-Marxist world are incompatible with moral fundamentals of Western Judeo-Christian civilization. 

These TWO Questions Perfectly Sum Up Difference Between People of Islam and People of Judeo-Christian Virtues.

Key fundamentals of Western Judeo-Christian civilization: 

Clipart - Ten Commandments

  • People are created in the image of invisible God with His clearly visible characteristics described in the Torah/Bible: He is unique being, He is Creator of everything Himself or through the people, and He is open-mindedly judging own deeds.  
  • Applied to human individuals and their communities, that means all human individuals and their communities/nations should be unique in their own ways, should be creators in their own ways, and should open-mindedly judge the deeds of themselves and others. Therefore, more of the national wealth generated should be managed directly or indirectly by individuals and their communities.     

Key fundamentals of Islami-Marxist world: 

Islamic terrorists behead more than 50 men, women and children on ...

  • People are created with evil inclinations and their supreme leaders must suppress people’s devilish behavior with mandatory laws and police/military when needed.  
  • Applied to human individuals and their communities/nations, that means individuals and nations must live in a unified way designed and enforced by the supreme leaders (and that is modern slavery). Therefore, all national wealth generated must be managed directly or indirectly by the supreme leaders (the government). 

Governing by the key fundamentals of Western Judeo-Christian civilization, Trump and his associates have maintained America that had  

  • No major foreign wars 
  • Low-level inflation 
  • Enlighten achievement-based education 
  • Energy independence and low energy cost 
  • Almighty industrial infrastructure 
  • Lower taxation and less regulations   
  • Free market solutions for many national challenges 
  • Majority unequal wealth-wise but wealthier  
  • ‘God Bless America’ and Judeo-Christian governing morality. 

Following the key fundamentals of Islami-Marxist world, Obama/Biden, and their associates build America with: 

  • Major wars – Russia against Ukraine and Islamists against Israel 
  • High-level inflation 
  • Depressing sin-based education 
  • Energy dependence on our rivals and excessive cost of energy and all consumer goods 
  • Industrial infrastructure moving out of country  
  • Higher taxation and more regulations 
  • Monopolized, and therefore much more expensive, government solutions for many national challenges  
  • Majority more equal wealth-wise but poorer 
  • Anti-Judeo-Christian governing morality and no God in America’s government. 


Interesting factual observation: Governing by the key fundamentals of Western Judeo-Christian civilization does not makes the governors wealthier (Trump as an example) while Governing by the fundamentals of Islami-Marxist world makes the governors much wealthier (Obama and Biden as examples)!


More information on the topic could be found in the post published earlier at: 

No propaganda, just facts about the two visions of America – Obama’s and Trump’s – Intellectual Judaism – it is about Judeo-Christian morality of the Nation! (intellectual0judaism0really.com) 

Some related thoughts by Dr. Robert Jeffress

“In 1980, the Supreme Court case of Stone vs. Graham dealt with displays of the 10 Commandments that had been posted in Kentucky schools. The Supreme Court determined that such posting was unconstitutional and that it violated the so-called separation of church and state.
How did they come up with that reasoning? The Supreme Court said, “If the posted copies of the 10 Commandments are to have any effect at all, it will be to induce the school children to read, meditate upon, perhaps to venerate and obey the Commandments. This is not a permissible state objective under the establishment clause of the First Amendment.”
Can you believe that? We can’t post the 10 Commandments because if we do, the children might actually read them. And if they read the Commandments, God forbid they might obey them!
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that on December 1, 1997, in a Kentucky school, when a group of 12 students gathered together before school to pray, a 14-year-old who had obtained a handgun went up to those students and opened fire on them, killing three and seriously wounding five. And it all happened where, 17 years earlier, the Supreme Court said: You cannot post the words “Thou shalt not murder.”
In Hosea 4:6, God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children.” We are reaping the consequence of forgetting God’s most basic laws. The increasing number of school shootings, the gender confusion among boys and girls, the drug addictions, and immorality are not accidental.
You cannot ignore the laws of God without terrible consequences. And that’s why today, in a culture where we call good evil and evil good, it is time for a fresh look at the 10 Commandments”.


Published by Vladimir Minkov

Vladimir Minkov Ph.D. is a nuclear scientist, published author and writer. He is the co-author of "Nuclear Shadow Boxing", a scientific history of the nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and USA during the cold war and is the author of many books on the Jewish identity in the Judeo-Christian civilization. Having lost much of his family in the Holocaust and finding his search for spiritual development stifled in the Soviet Union, Vladimir migrated to the United States in the late 1970s. Here in the USA Vladimir work as a scientist on various peaceful applications of nuclear energy together with American and Soviet/Russian scientist. After his retirement, he concentrated his efforts on the study of the morality of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization connecting the morality of public life with the morality of religious life with the emphasis on the USA and the State of Israel.

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