Why the enemies of Judeo-Christian America make the name Trump abhorrent.

"I don't understand ... he's an abhorrent person" - Radio Vice Online

Why the enemies of Judeo-Christian America make the name Trump abhorrent?  

In short, the enemies of Judeo-Christian America make the name Trump abhorrent because the Trump’s agenda if implemented will ruin their efforts to replace the power of “we the people” that Judeo-Christian America cherishes by the power of “we the government” that is the dream of Islami-Marxist world.  

By making the name Trump abhorrent, the enemies of Judeo-Christian America hope to stop “we the people” from assessing the true Trump’s agenda that might be incredibly attractive to them.  

That is what WSJ is saying:

Wall Street Journal Launches 'Pro' Services in New Revenue Play

Why Trump’s Drastic Plan to Slash the Government Could Succeed – WSJ 

If elected in 2024, this is what the GOP presidential front-runner Donald J Trump has pledged to do. 

  • Fire thousands of federal employees and move some federal workers outside of Washington to sharply reduce the power of “we the government.” 
  • Assert control over independent agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission who are empowering “we the government.”  
  • Revive the so-called impoundment power, which presidents have asserted to refuse to spend money appropriated by Congress – to avoid soon-to-be-coming extra taxation of “we the people” which will be needed to cover the actions of “we the government.” 
  • Issue an executive order ending the constitutional right to birthright citizenship, which for more than a century has provided U.S. citizenship to children born in the country regardless of their parents’ immigration status – to make sure that the right of voting is not given to those who abhor Judeo-Christian foundation of the nation.  
  • Defund the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department to force them back to serving “us the people” instead of serving “them the government.” 
  • Carry out what Trump says would be the largest deportation operation in history and send thousands of troops stationed overseas to the U.S.-Mexico border to prevent Islami-Marxist cells from penetrating into the country. 
  • Order the U.S. Navy to impose a full naval embargo to prevent fentanyl and other drugs, which are powerful enemy’s weaponry, from getting into the country. 
  • Impose a 10% universal baseline tariff on most imported goods to revitalize our own economy. 
  • Impose restrictions on Chinese ownership of infrastructure in the U.S. to avoid empowering our mighty rival, China.  
  • Build new cities on federal land that might be built without old restrictive regulations that are killing the creativity and increasing the cost of housing. 
  • Relocate homeless people to newly created tent cities that will make the life of “we the people” in old cities much better.  

The normal-brain American majority love this Trump’s agenda – that is why the enemies of Judeo-Christian America cannot advance their goals by criticizing it. That is why the enemies of Judeo-Christian America are trying to substitute this agenda by the name of its creator and then picture the creator as Devil in hope that “we the people” would not look at the Devil’s proposals.

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Published by Vladimir Minkov

Vladimir Minkov Ph.D. is a nuclear scientist, published author and writer. He is the co-author of "Nuclear Shadow Boxing", a scientific history of the nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and USA during the cold war and is the author of many books on the Jewish identity in the Judeo-Christian civilization. Having lost much of his family in the Holocaust and finding his search for spiritual development stifled in the Soviet Union, Vladimir migrated to the United States in the late 1970s. Here in the USA Vladimir work as a scientist on various peaceful applications of nuclear energy together with American and Soviet/Russian scientist. After his retirement, he concentrated his efforts on the study of the morality of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization connecting the morality of public life with the morality of religious life with the emphasis on the USA and the State of Israel.

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